Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thick socks

That's what I'll have to wear this morning for the apple pruning workshop. This is what we woke up to this morning:
Single digit temps and freezing fog!
But it is so beautiful!
I'm trying to enjoy the beauty of this season and not be too impatient for Spring. Although, honestly, it can stop snowing any time now. But, there is snow forecast for tomorrow and Monday and it doesn't look like it will get out of the 20s for highs this coming week.
But I do have a bright spot to keep me going:
My poor old geranium is blooming.
I'll let you know how the workshop turns out. Tramping around in an orchard for several hours in the cold isn't necessarily my idea of fun. But I am excited about it.


  1. It is gorgeous outside this morning.. We have to go and trade cars with my daughter at college this morning..The drive is going to be awesome.. Have a great time.

  2. Judy, everytime it snows, I think, Oh drat, and then I see how pretty everything is and although I'm more than ready for spring, you do have to notice how pretty all the ice crystals, sparkly snow in the sun, and all the's not so bad if you keep the right attitude. I can't imagine being out in this cold weather learning how to prune. Kiddos to you my friend!! I couldn't believe your pretty pink geranium!! Is it sitting in a sunny spot? what a pretty gift for you. Must be the good lord telling you to just "hang in there for a while longer" Have a wonderful Valentines Day tomorrow!! We're haveing the kids all in for dinner!...debbie

  3. Hope you have a great time at the class. The freezing fog pics is beautiful!

  4. Ha! I just posted about the pretty frost outside this morning, too. :-) Wasnt it just beautiful? It makes everything seem so serene.

  5. Yes, sounds like a good workshop, and if this is when they are teaching it, it must be the time of year to do the work, so I guess it's best to learn under 'extreme' conditions, instead of from a book on a warm sunny day in June. If you have to cut them when it's mitten weather, it's best to practice in mitten weather. Hope you have a warm drink and a hot shower waiting when you get home!!


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