Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ugh. This cold/flu is really draining me. I finally went back to work today. I was still running a temp of 99.5 yesterday morning so I stayed home an extra day. Yeah, I know, 99.5 isn't a real fever, at least according to the schools. But my normal body temp is dyslexic. I'm usually closer to 96.8 than 98.6! So if I hit 99, I'm sick. Anyway, back to work today it was. And now I'm beat. It ended up being an incredibly busy, stressful day. First, I get an email from my boss reminding me that my annual PA is due and could he come observe me during my group this morning (great! I can barely talk- this should be good) I survived that- it actually went well.
Then, right after I finished that, the other senior therapist in today informed me that she had to leave because she got a call from her daycare that her twins were both sick. So, I picked up the two groups she was scheduled for today. Of the two other therapists in today, one leaves at 2:00 so was essentially unavailable for anything this afternoon and the other is our new therapist who is still orienting. She had a cognitive evaluation to do this afternoon that I had to supervise. So, I was essentially back to back with patients from 9:30 this morning until 3:45 this afternoon- no more than a 5 minute break between. Definitely NOT fun when I am still feeling like something the cat threw up on the carpet. After walking our new therapist through the documentation process for her eval, it was already 4:30. Now, I normally get off work at 4, walk downtown and catch the 4:30 bus to go home. And I hadn't even STARTED my own documentation for the day.
So, I called V to pick me up at 5:20. We didn't get home until after 5:30. Luckily J15 was cooking dinner already since I12 and I had to leave at 6:15 to go to choir and confirmation. I would have loved nothing more than to curl up on the couch but I had to help with his confirmation class. They are making quilts to send to Haiti as a service project and since there is only one other woman helping who knows how to quilt I was volunteered to help (oh, and can you bring your sewing machine... and supervise the student using it?) It wasn't too bad. Six junior high aged students- two sewing, two pressing, two pinning. Three adults, one of whom has no sewing knowledge at all. So Linda and I supervised, checked and re-pinned prior to sewing. I12 used my machine. He's actually pretty good at it and we produced some spectacular 16 inch square 4-patches.
Now, I'm home and babbling...or hadn't you noticed the babbling part. This is the first time I've had to unwind all day.
Oh, in house news- the buyers asked if they could refinish main staircase- at their expense. No problem there, it needs it and was one of those things that was on 'the list' that we never got around to. They evidently had a showing this afternoon for potential renters and our realtor also referred someone to them who is moving into town and needs to find housing within 30 days. So it sounds promising that we will be able to move the closing date up a month. March 1 for closing sounds MUCH better than April 1!! Since there are no banks involved we can do whatever we want (within reason). Really, they should be able to find renters quickly. It is a beautiful house, in a great location- near campus, near downtown, near the busline. I should leave them a diagram of the plantings in the yard as a selling point. Who wouldn't want an established herb garden!


  1. Hope you feel better...just listening to your schedule made me tired and I am not sick. slow down and rest or it will get worse..I know easier said then done..more snow come friday..UGH...I'm so done with this snow.. You take care and get some rest and get better...Lisa

  2. Ho Hum...just another day at the office huh Judy? Sorry you still felt like cat puke. (lol) Hopefully you'll feel better in the next few days. How nice that your sweet son started dinner. That deserves a big hug and a kiss or two. You sure live a wild life!!
    lol. Nice of you to help the quilters! Gee, you are so sweet, you just help out everywhere! I hope they find a renter and you can close early! Wouldn't that be a nice thing to happen!! Will keep my fingers crossed...debbie

  3. Hope you feel better soon, I hate being sick! Good news about the buyers, hopefully this will go quickly!

  4. Sorry you are feeling blucky... and to know that you have to go on, although sometimes thats the best way, because if you stop, you're done.
    Good news on the house, too. Sure, refinish whatever you want to!! Have at it!!

  5. Wow, you're my hero. All that when you're sick! Now you need to spend a little time taking care of you! :)

  6. Oh no! Judy, take care of yourself. And what a crazy day coming back to work. Hope you can get some rest this weekend - though I know with all you do, that's hard to come by.
    Hope things work out with moving the house closing date up - that will be a load off your plate, I'm sure.

  7. Hope you are getting some needed rest this weekend. Sounds like your body is telling you to slow down some. Feel better soon!


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