Saturday, March 13, 2010


What a remarkable, inspiring day!!!!! I am so pumped right now I can hardly stand it!! I just wish it was a month later than it is so I can get into the dirt. I learned so much about permaculture and about myself. I can't wait to learn more tomorrow and in the months ahead. Today we covered the basic introduction to the concepts and principles. We actually had to do a personal niche analysis of ourselves as an organism- identifying our needs, threats to our well being, our characteristics, behaviors and our products (our value). It was very enlightening and empowering.
I also made some great local connections and had a chance to talk to the woman who is the local 'expert' on wetlands and wetland mitigation for developers. She advised me to contact the developer of the land to the west of us about our concerns for run off onto our property both during and after construction. She said that he is a great guy to work with and is one of the local developers who actually 'gets it' without being forced.
I get to go back tomorrow for another day. On tomorrow's agenda: designing resilience and learning about polyculture. I can hardly wait.

Oh, and as you can see by the picture- I did get an autograph.


  1. Ha! You did it, that's awesome! So glad you had fun and learning a bunch, it always feels so good to take a class for the thrill of learning for yourself, and not just for C. E. credits, LOL!

  2. Too bad your not excited. Bummer. and too bad you aren't excited about tomorrow! So glad you enjoyed yourself and got a very neat autograph. Can't wait to hear how tomorrow went. I agree with Erin, it DOES feel good to take a class for the sake of yourself and learning something you want to learn more about! Have a great day tomrrow!!...debbie

  3. So glad you got to learn about Permaculture. You sound like me after having a Intro to Permaculture class with Mark Shepard.

  4. This sounds like fun! Enjoy the class

  5. sounds like an exciting day. Geez, I wish there were more of this sort of thing where I live!

  6. Glad you had fun. I saw him speak Friday night I worked the Master Gardener Q & A table so I though I would stay to hear him. We couldn't quite swing the whole weekend.


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