Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm still here...

Happy Spring???
It has been a busy week and I'm feeling a bit worn out. We had snow for the beginning of Spring. But it has already mostly melted so it wasn't too traumatic. Things are definitely ramping up for the season. Seed starting has been going strong with some interesting results:
A mutant seedling- 3 cotyledons
I did have a bit of good luck:
Boxes arrived today!!!
I ordered a grain mill on Thursday night (late- like 10pm) and it arrived already today! It's a Family Grain Mill from Pleasant Hill Grains in NE. They are having a special where you get the hand crank base when you buy the motorized unit. I was amazed that it shipped yesterday and arrived today! Now I can grind my corn from last fall. We've been unable to grind it since the spare coffee mill we were using gave up the ghost a while ago. Now we are set! I'll let you know what I think about it once we use it.
J15 and I were out and about running errands this afternoon and picked up a bottle of local wine. We haven't opened it but it should be fun.
Ms. Behavin'- I like that name!
And now we have another project in the works- A GOTH GARDEN! I mentioned the idea at breakfast this morning (after having looked at a site for rare and unusual seeds) and it has taken off like wildfire. Even V has been making plans. We already had the black hollyhock seeds but J15 and I had fun out today seed shopping at the local shops.
All black and white flowers.
Or nearly black- there aren't any "true" black flowers. But we now have 1o varieties of flowers- either black, white, or both and J15 is in charge. She is finally really excited about gardening. Granted, it has nothing to do with sustainable living or food production but it will be fun. We plan to put it on the northwest corner of the house (west of the garage). We have even agreed to let her get the zombie statue. It should be fun. I did order a few other seeds this afternoon including a black pearl hot pepper that supposedly has black foliage. Hopefully they will ship quickly so we can get them started.
We had bad news at work. The therapist who is out on maternity leave has decided to not come back. Well- she will work for a few days to fulfill her requirements for benefits but she is essentially gone. So, we are going to be chronically short staffed until we find a replacement. sigh...
I planted a bunch of flower seeds tonight and now- it's family movie night!


  1. I love the idea of a goth garden. What a great way to get a teen into planting more. Some special that they will remember.

  2. What a great idea! When you need a break from your goth garden, you can head over for my "moon" garden - an all white flower area. :D

  3. Now that is a very interesting idea.. a Goth Garden.. who'dda thought?

  4. Goth garden- I love that!
    I am also very interested to hear how the grain mill works out-after hearing about on not dabbling in normal i looked at them too--just not quite ready for grinding our own. Please, please, please post about how it works for you!

  5. The Goth Garden is an awesome idea, can't wait to see where J15 will take it! I love it when teens get excited about gardening and home related skills, too many regret not learning them once they are off and have families of their own. Can't wait to see photos later in the summer of it and your new grain mill in use!


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