Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So much

There is so much going on right now. Work has been busy and I've been busier than usual at home and taking children places since V has been sick. He is still not doing very well. Oh, he has stretches of an hour or two where he is fairly pain free but those are few and far between. He finally has an appointment with the sinus specialist on Friday morning. He is to the point where he is also having intermittent changes in his vision in his left eye due to the pressure on his optic nerve. I hope we get some answers/results on Friday morning. He's no fun to live with! And I KNOW he is more than tired of all of this.
Friday afternoon we have the closing for our house in town. Woo Hoo!!! Paying off two loans and getting things moving on a few other projects around here will be a great feeling.
And, K9 will have a name change to K10 on Saturday. Gotta get moving on gifts and cake baking!
I desperately need to get my seed starting set up going. I'm LATE! And now I find out that I'm going to need to start a few extra seedlings. The committee I serve on at our church (social justice/social ministry) is planning a plant sale for spring as a fund raiser for the community Common Fund. This is the fund that is administered by the crisis center to provide assistance for rent/heat/emergencies/etc for county residents. I figured that, since I'm going to be starting seeds anyway, I may as well start a few extras for a good cause. (that and it will give me an outlet for my extras- I have such a hard time 'thinning') Maybe tomorrow night I can work on it. We actually don't have ANYTHING on the schedule for tomorrow evening.
Sorry to be such a whiner but I'm tired and feeling a bit stressed.


  1. You most certainly are not being a whiner Judy! I don't know how you do all that you do. I am always late starting my seeds every year and they always seem to turn out OK in the end! Hope your hubby is feeling better soon and that you enjoy your one free evening to relax! x

  2. Not a whiner Judy. You are dealing with a lot and I don't even do half as much as you..

    Good luck, I hope your hubby gets some answers and things settle down.

  3. Judy, I am so happy that you are closing on your home this friday..I know that will be such a relief...Your not being a whiner...

    With hubby I hope you find the answers with the ENT...My son Tim had two surgeries to correct his deviated septom..He would get sinus infections so bad that when he was a teen he got a absess by his brain and let me tell you it was very scary..He saw a ENT up here in CR..I hope things get better for hubby...

    I haven't started any seeds yet either because I am just not in the mood with all this dirty snow on the ground..I think once I see grass in our yard I will get motivated...Rain is in the forecast from Saturday thru Wednesday...not sure if I like that or not with all the snow on the ground..Sump pump will be running..

    You guys are in my prayers from the closing to your hubby's sinus problems..Lisa

  4. Judy, you are hardly a whiner. It's very hard having a sick husband at home, and when he is in severe pain with no relief, that in itself is stressful. No one wants their honey hurt and in pain. Hopefully, the doctor can help him some way. I am excited to hear your closing is tomorrow! Congrats on THAT! That is BIG!! Hope it goes without a hitch. Happy Birthday K9!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! Your church's social ministry committee is great. How nice they are to be able to help those in need. I hope your stress will leave this weekend and that your hubby finds relief....debbie

  5. Ah, the old "I can start a few seeds for you"... I get suckered in every year, too, and I think all of us have an aversion to thinning, LOL! Congrats on that house closing! Good thing, since I was sending you 100% of my "sell that house" thoughts and I just found out I have to divert them over to my brother and sister in law for their house in St. Paul, lol. Happy Birthday to K9 and hope your hubby gets his answers and relief soon.


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