Saturday, March 6, 2010

Name change

Today was a busy day here. Errands, cooking, grocery shopping, a little laundry and then the fun stuff!
V was off and on today but at least was able to have fun with us this evening.
Spaz, the cat, was quite relaxed, stretched out on the birthday boy as they snuggled on the couch. Our big news around here: K9 is now officially K10! My little Y2K boy is growing up. He chose to have kniep for dinner. That is an old family recipe from my dad's side of the family. It's a kind of egg noodle in broth except you don't roll our the dough, you just drop it by small lumps into simmering broth- kind of like big spaetzle. Then after dinner we all went swimming. Saturdays are family swim night at the rec center in town so we all get in for one admission price. It was lots of fun. Every time we go there we remark on how much fun we are having and that we should go more often- but we still only go a few times a year.
After swimming it was time to go home for cake and presents. V and I try to have fun with the cakes we make for the children and it's a big surprise what the cake will be. This year, K got another joke cake.
Tighty Whiteys!!
That comes from a longstanding family joke about magical hats. He used to prance about with his underwear on his head singing about magical hats.
Let him eat cake!!!

I'm contemplating making a little garden bed on the south side of the house for some early greens. The ground there is thawed and not wet and J15 and I picked up a bag of topsoil today when we were out and about to mix into a little raised bed since there are lots of rocks in the soil there. I'm thinking some lettuce, spinach and maybe a little chard. I can hardly wait to get playing in the dirt. I did get some cabbage, broccoli, hot peppers and onion seeds started inside. We still need to finish the cabinet for the lights before they start popping up. I'll start the sweet peppers and tomatoes in another two weeks. Oh, also while we were out this afternoon, I picked up a rhubarb root at the local home improvement store (even though that was NOT what we were there for!). It's starting to break dormancy already so I need to get it in the ground. I'm thinking about putting it into a pot and then hardening it off and planting it out when the weather warms a little more. Any suggestions?


  1. It looks like the Birthday Boy is lollygagging around resting on his big day! Kitty looks quite comfy too. V doesn't look 100%! Bless his heart. I couldn't figure out what the cake was supposed to be until I read your post! What a nice humerous time you must have had!! Neat idea baking a secret cake! I like that! The weather here is great! 49 and sunny yesterday and up to 52 today so they say!! Have a great Sunday!!...debbie


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