Sunday, April 11, 2010


I was a bad girl today.... J15 was scheduled to be an acolyte at church this morning. V and I were both bad and dropped her off before church and picked her up afterward. I spent nearly all day outside. And I'm going to pay for it. Not only are my muscles sore but I ended up with a sunburn. It was such a lovely day that it didn't occur to me how long I had been outside without reapplying sunscreen. Oops.
I have a garden!
The early stuff is in and fenced with chicken wire to keep out the bunnies. Last year we didn't get any peas at all because the bunnies ate them off as soon as they popped their heads above the ground. The children helped, planting onions, carrots, beets, lettuce, chard and peas. We also worked as a team and planted the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage plants. I dug the holes, I12 buried the little plants and J15 and K10 worked to water them in.
I also managed to mow around the raspberries, currants and blueberries and planted my new raspberries and rhubarb.
Tiny broccoli

Clay pots?
J15 had fun playing with some of the clay she saved from the apple tree holes yesterday. She screened it to get out the rootlets and made two pots that she let dry in the sun. She is going to ask her art teacher about learning to use the pottery wheel at school. The clay here is lovely to work with and I know where there is a deposit of blue clay near my parent's house.
It was also a great day for laundry!
J15 informed me that Pam, who is the associate in ministry at our church asked J15 to ask me if I would prepare a 15 minute presentation on "green living" for the adult forum at church next week. Um... sure... what do you want??? Evidently she wants us to talk about "what we are doing out here". I'm not sure what she thinks we are doing but I can surely talk about sustainable living for a bit.
Now... a cool shower, a movie (the children are watching V for Vendetta), maybe a drink and definitely BED! But, I will sleep well- the sleep of one well satisfied!


  1. Congratulations on your garden starting! Seeing that broccoli... so many possibilities for you this coming garden-season. And with the fruit in there too :-)
    Interesting (and a bit funny) about the talk at the adult forum. I wonder what the audience members want to get out of the talk - more on the garden/food preservation front, or "frugality", or the IDC type issues? Is there a way to find out so that you and J15 can target the talk a bit more? Maybe that'd help....

  2. Sunburn and sore muscles -there is nothing more satisfying!

  3. I can picture it .... "Just exactly what ARE you doing out there?"! LOL... and the drive by at church is priceless! Growing up in a farm church/community that was pretty common when I was young - we would get dropped off for Sunday School but the adults frequently had work planned, make hay while the sun shines, right? My kids did that with some clay from the yard last year and painted it, I am still finding those little figures when I mow!

  4. Your garden looks great! We had gophers last year eat all the squash seeds. Don't know how to keep them away. Have fun with your talk.

  5. no peas for us last year...
    I have plant envy! gotta wait a bit longer here, or they'll just freeze! my tomato seeds are looking nice, but some of my starts will just be and learn and try again next year!

  6. Gorgeous garden! How hard at work you have been. I look forward to seeing all that it produces. I can almost feel the warm, spring breeze where you are right now............


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