Friday, April 23, 2010

Rain and Work

We had rain today. So far only about a half an inch. But we needed it. If we don't get a little more, I'll still have to haul some water to my little apple trees. Our orchardist neighbor said that if we got less than an inch of rain in a week that we should water. There is still a chance of more rain this weekend so maybe we're good.
I have to work at my 'real' job tomorrow. But it shouldn't be too bad. My student is coming in as well so she can help with documentation so maybe we'll be able to get out of there a bit earlier than usual. Hurrah. I really don't mind working weekends. This means that I'll have next Friday off- which is good since I will be at my next permaculture class all next weekend. That way, I'll at least have one day to get things done around the house.
We had some unsettling news from the guy at the county public health office. He is the one who has to approve the plan for the new septic. He came out to the house yesterday to check it out. He is going to check the regulations to see if he will be able to approve our system plan. There may be a problem with the engineered wetland idea- since, if there is heavy rain and overflow- it will drain into our natural wetland. He has to see if there are regs against discharge of a tertiary wastewater discharge into wetlands. sigh... why can't it be easy. This is just one more hold up. There is a chance that we may have to pay for a special permit and monitoring at the tune of $35/year- with the possibility that they can yank our permission for the system at some time in the future. We may have to have a change of plans since we don't really want to mess with that. He did tell us that he would approve traditional underground leach lines after the sand filter since it wouldn't be affected by run off. I just want a decision made so things can get started. I've got plants that need to get into the ground and I can't do that until this is finished. AARGH. I may have to find temporary homes for all my herbs.
My strawberry plants arrived today but it's too rainy for me to be out planting them.- hopefully tomorrow after work.


  1. What a possible bummer about the septic system!!!! Isn't that the way it always goes? Have a good weekend, even if you have to work. We are supposed to get lots of rain this weekend - I hope so - I need a break from yard work:)

  2. I hope everything works out with the septic system. Might be best to figure on the traditional type & not plant there. We are hoping when we move here to have native prairie grasses growing over our septic field. Have a great day off Sunday :-)

  3. I don't envy your septic situation, although my time is coming in a few years when we move to a piece of land... I hope everything works out!


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