Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photos of the evening

I must have been pathetic enough at building my raised bed that V decided to help this afternoon after I got home from work.
Digging the last bit of trench.
It's coming along!
Since it is built into a slope we are having to put in two courses of concrete blocks along the front to level it out. From the Northeast corner to the Southwest corner there is a 16 inch drop in elevation. It's hard to see here but it is quite the drop. We now have two and a half walls built. Hurrah!! In case you don't remember, we're repurposing the concrete blocks that were from the deck foundation that we demolished late last summer. There are still some that need dug out of the ground by the house so I'm hoping to have enough for another bed. The second one won't be on as much of a slope and should be easier to construct.
While V worked and I made dinner, the boys were outside. K10 was up to his favorite pastime- climbing trees!
On the way up...
He can get quite high in this one. I just won't look!
We are approaching the one year mark of owning this property. In some ways it seems like forever and in others it seems like just yesterday. We've come a long way but still have so far to go. I know this is the marathon race but I so want it to be the sprint!
I'm amazed at how early things are blooming this year. The tulips, of course, we planted last fall since there weren't any here- but they are already blooming this spring.
So bright it almost glows!
The bleeding hearts are already blooming!
A full 3 weeks earlier than last year.
And my red currants are blooming like mad!
We picked up our new chipper/shredder this evening. We are becoming quite the small engine poster children. But it is our last major tool purchase. So, this weekend, if the weather holds, I'll finally have mulch for around my trees and berries. We've got LOTS to shred.
I want to play with it tomorrow evening but I'm going to be reorganizing the freezer! We got the call that our grass fed beef is ready to be picked up from the locker so I'll be playing in the deep freeze tomorrow after work! V will pick me up so we can go pick it up and come straight home. What fun I have!


  1. You are one lucky duck!!

    So--what are you planting in the raised bed???

  2. I agree, you are a lucky one with all that is growing for you and the new raised bed :-) I love how you are repurposing the concrete blocks.
    I was hoping to do some planting this weekend (herbs and flowers) but after such nice weather "THEY" are predicting a cold-ish rain for the next 4-5 days. Bah.

  3. The new bed has created a lot of sweat equity - hope the veggies grow well!! A shredder would be fun to have. Guess you'll never run out of wood to shread on the farm! We used to get grass fed beef with a friend for many years, and they moved away so we quit getting it. I do miss the yummy beef. Perhaps your youngun thinks he's a squirrel! lol...debbie

  4. and i thought i was busy! lol. it all will be great when it's done. i know i want everything done NOW, but then i remember what will i do next month if everything is already done.

  5. You have been really busy, the new beds look great! Be careful of freshly shredded wood, it can actually kill your plants! I'd shred it all and then let it sit in a pile for a year to age, good luck with the freezer - I need to do mine!

  6. Akannie- this raised bed is for the strawberries that I've ordered and expect to arrive in the next week or so. I want the other one for K10's cucumbers so they can vine all over and not interfere with anything else.
    Mangochild- Too bad about the rain- I hope "they" are wrong.
    Debbie- I don't know if I'll ever go back to 'regulation' beef after having had grass fed.
    Kris- What will I do next week... hmmm.. the list is endless! LOL

  7. Erin- Thanks for the heads up! We are supposed to get a delivery of wood chips from the power company (they took away our new stuff and I will assume will come back with a load of last year's chips) I plan to use that directly around the shrubs. I was more thinking of using the new stuff on the paths. How close can I safely go to my little plants? or should I just mow this year and wait until next to put down these wood chips. I HATE to think of buying mulch but something has to be done for weed control.

  8. Judy, can you use straw? I am not sure exactly how far away the mulch needs to be but it does make the soil inhospitable for plants, and I am thinking a good rain will wash all that into your plant roots. You might want to play it safe with straw, or if they bring you last years mulch it would probably be fine. You may be able to tell by smelling and looking if it has aged. Just worried for your new orchard trees!!


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