Saturday, May 5, 2012

Independence Days 2012

Week something-or-another...  Life has been moving at such a blurring pace that I'm not sure what week this is.  But I do know that it is the first week in May!  At least I'm not that far gone....  yet.
Today is prom.  J17 has her dress done- except for hemming it- I'm actually not sure if she got that done last night or not.  Her friend A came over last night to spend the night and then to head out to prom later today.  Once again, J17 is going with a bunch of her friends) since her boyfriend is still living in Colorado.  I14 is off to the State Large group band competition this morning.  He should be home shortly after lunch.  This weekend is deck building weekend so this has got to be a pretty quick post.  V got the ledger board up and the joist hangers up yesterday.  Today, the posts and joists will go up- hopefully pretty quickly- and then we can start on the planking.  If I'm not needed I'll be working on the new border along the south wall of the house.
But... time for the weekly IDC update.
Plant something- Sunflowers, planted the sage at the top of the herb spiral. Transplanted all the little pepper plants and a few more herbs.  Everything is hardening off on the porch.  My poor tomatoes got a bit flattened by a thunderstorm that whipped through Thursday night but they are looking much better now.
Harvest something- spinach, radishes, walking onions, oregano, eggs (44 this week)
Preserve something- Can't think of anything.
Waste Not- the usual- composting, recycling, scraps to the chickens.  I can't wait to get the deck built so I can put my clothesline back up.  It is down until construction is done and I miss it!
Want Not- Bought some sugar on sale for the stash- not that I need it but it was a good price.
Eat the Food- spinach salads- yum!  Eggs, homemade bread and angel food cake.  Good cooking all around.
Build Community Food systems- not a thing.  I do plan to go to our new, more local farmer's market tomorrow.  I desperately need to get rid of some eggs so I'll have to put out some feelers at work.
Skill up- hmm, working on my applique skills for quilting- not sure how much value that really has.  I'm sure I'll be doing lots of learning today on deck construction.

I'll be sure to post prom dress photos.  J17 has a rule that there will be no photos of the dress until she's ready to go.


  1. We could potentially use some eggs. How much are you selling them for?

    1. At work the going price is $1.50/dozen but I always to the first dozen as a freebie. And honestly, with about 6 dozen eggs in the fridge right now I'd be happy to give some away!! Stop by sometime and pick some up!!

  2. You're so far ahead of us in the garden department. Still too cool up here to think about setting anything out. Matter of fact, I just planted more for under the lights yesterday. Planted two raised beds of salad fixings, onions, kohlrabi, radishes, etc. a week ago but nothing is up yet.

    It will be fun to see pictures of J17 and her prom dress!

    1. For some reason my lettuce isn't doing well this year. The spinach, after a slow start, is doing really well. I can usually plan on planting out my tomatoes and peppers in the garden around Justine's birthday on the 15th since that's approximately our last frost date. This year... who knows the weather went from not-quite-winter to summer back to spring.

  3. I can't wait to see the dress! This is going to be quite a busy season for you with everything going on!


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