Friday, July 27, 2012

A dry Independence Days Challenge

Another week is gone.  July is almost gone. Where is the year going?!  We're still waiting for rain, as are many.  It was really heart rending to notice that a neighboring farmer is already feeding hay to his cattle since his pasture is worthless.  Work has been work this week- and I work tomorrow.  Time is ticking down on when Justine leaves for college and I've got lots to do around the homestead.  If it's no rest for the wicked I must have been really, really bad!
But it has been a productive time here.  I have been busy, busy, busy and it's time for my Independence Days Challenge update.
Plant something- not a thing- I've been trying to keep things alive that I've got out there. I really need to get my little fall plants into the ground but I don't dare until the weather moderates a little, at least the heat. (although it was only 87 today)
Harvest something- tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, potatoes, basil, thyme.
Preserve something- made two batches of peach jam- one spiced, one plain. Froze a little left over sweet corn and I've got the first 5 pints of diced tomatoes going in the canner right now.  And I'm drying the tomato skins to make tomato powder, a trick I just learned here.
Waste not- The usual recycling and such.  Brought home some more icky produce from work for the chickens.  And I think that the tomato skin powder is an experiment in wasting not- although the chickens may not agree with me.
Want not- Got a bunch more peaches before the sale ended early this week.  I'm making a shopping list for the Stringtown Grocery (the Amish bulk food store) since I ran out of both whole wheat and 7 grain flour tonight and I'm nearly out of bulk pectin.  I think Justine and I will make a trip to Kalona on Monday which is my day off.
Eat the food- sweet corn, tomatoes and cucumbers, grass fed beef.
Build community food systems- Sweet corn and a melon from local farmers.  Eggs to work.
Skill up-  Learning to make tomato powder.

Not a bad week, all told.


  1. Oh my gosh, that tomato skin thing is quite a good idea! I will have to try it. Th
    Besides, e chickens can still get the seedy bits and the smush from sieving tomato sauce, ha. Thanks for passing that idea on!

    1. Isn't it the coolest idea ever!? I just had to try it. I'm wondering if it would work for pizza sauce. I can never seem to get paste thick enough without burning it.

  2. oh boy ,now I have to get a food dehydrator! that tomato thing sounds like a great idea

    1. What? no food dehydrator? however do you live without one? You could probably dry them in a very slow oven. My Mom used to dry apple slices in the oven years ago.


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