Monday, November 5, 2012

A weekend of photos

It's been busy here... but laid back as well.  The pace has definitely slowed with the shortening days and it's rather nice.  Rather than bore you with all the details, I thought I'd share a few photos of the weekend.
I ran my first 5k race in a long, long time on Saturday morning.   I'll admit, I did walk some of it and finished in a pathetic time... but I got my old, out of shape body out there and did it!  Look out zombies!  I'm getting ready for you!
V was helpful and carved the jack-o-lanterns into chicken friendly pieces with his sword.  I love the action shot with the falling bit of pumpkin!
 Spaz, the Mighty Hunter, was successful at stopping an unwelcome intruder.

And a little light demolition occurred in the pantry.  When the addition was built onto the house, they blocked up the original basement staircase and built the pantry and a closet on the other side.  Unfortunately, they didn't remove the original door lintel.
 You can see the top shelf of the pantry right underneath what's left of the door frame.  It was virtually unusable for anything larger than 6 inches wide.  But, thanks to the sawz-all and my honey...
 The old door frame is gone
 and the top shelf is opened up.
 A bit of plaster work- still currently in progress.
 And the newly opened top shelf is perfectly sized for the water bath canner and the stock pots.  Yeah!! The next phase will be doors over the top three shelves to protect the jars from light.  I do have larger shelves in the basement where most of our food stocks are kept but these are the 'immediate use' jars near the kitchen.  On the bottom shelf are my jars of dried beans and grains.  And underneath are cabinets that V built in that house small appliances, bread, potatoes and the cleaning rags as well as 'the junk drawer'.
 The chard is doing well in the greenhouse.
As is the leaf lettuce.  I see salads in the near future.

I hope you all had a good weekend as well and that all those out east are beginning to get back to whatever normal you call yours.


  1. Nice pantry! Congrats on that 5K that's amazing!

    1. I was pretty slow so it doesn't feel too amazing. But I am pleased that I actually followed through. It would have been really, really easy to talk my self out of it on Saturday morning.

      The pantry was there when we moved in but without the cabinets it was just a few shelves in a closet. Vernon has truly transformed it into a pantry.

  2. Way to go on the 5k! And the pantry looks great, and more importantly, very functional! I would love to have a "real" pantry rather than shelves in the basement, but no spot for it at the moment, maybe someday...


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