Thursday, November 8, 2012

Simple pleasures

We just returned from K12's Jr High band concert.  For a bunch of 12-14 year olds, they were amazingly good.  The 8th grade band was recording this evening for an audition tape so they had to re-do a couple of songs. But I didn't even mind because they were that good. Sometimes it's nice to slow down and just enjoy the music.
It's the end of the trimester here so the boys don't have school tomorrow.  But I've got to go to work.  And I work Saturday.  blech.  I normally don't mind working the weekend but it is a home football game this weekend.  And I'll never know who thought it was a good idea to build the stadium right across the street from the hospital.  Traffic is awful and all the doors are on lock-down to keep the drunks out of the hospital.  sigh...  at least it's my last football Saturday until next year.

Otherwise, not much going on here.  The garden is put to bed for the winter, the chickens are molting, zombie fitness workouts continue and I need to find time to get into the sewing room. Soon... soon....


  1. Hope the weekend has at least a little fun in store for you! I really need to get sewing too!

  2. We ended up sorting books from K12's bookshelf to give to a friend who was collecting some for refugees her students are working with. Not much fun with only one day off. But now I've got a 4 day weekend! Woo Hool


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