Sunday, November 18, 2012


How's that for an attention getting title, LOL!
I've been off for a few days and don't really feel like I've accomplished much of anything.  I keep flitting from one thing to another and never seem to finish anything.
We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year.  My parents are coming, my brother and SIL are coming as are 3 of our friends.  A grand total of 11 at the dinner table.  So, I've been plotting, planning and cleaning, as well as all the usual stuff I do.
I did manage to get a little sewing done but seriously need to finish my 'pay if forward' gifts and get them in the mail.
I also realize that I have been remiss in posting an Independence Days update.  Not as much going on this time of year but here goes a quickie:
Plant something-  hmm, it's been a while since I updated and I can't remember exactly when, but I planted another round of radishes in the greenhouse that are sprouting happily out there.
Harvest something- Lettuce, chard, kale, radishes and spinach from the greenhouse and a few eggs.  We've only got one hen laying now and she is only averaging about every other day.  sigh.  How I long for the egg glut of summer!  V has decided to have eggs for lunch and we will now have NO eggs in the house.  ACK!
Preserve something- Nothing really.
Waste not- The usual: composting, recycling, scraps to chickens.  Reusing some old 5 gallon buckets in the greenhouse- more about that later ;)
Want not- Only some cheap pasta for stocking up.  I'm counting my 'passive solar' project in the greenhouse in here.  I took two 5 gallon buckets (salvaged from drywall joint compound) wrapped them in black garbage bags, filled them with water and put them in the greenhouse.  I'm hoping that the water will heat up with the sun and then radiate heat at night.  Hopefully it will be enough to keep some of the tenderer things in the greenhouse going for a bit longer once it decides to get really cold.  It's all an experiment and the only sacrifice was a garbage bag so even if it doesn't work- not much lost.
Eat the food- broccoli from the freezer since the cold finally took its toll on the plants in the garden.  I'm  glad that we haven't spent that much at the grocery store in the last month or two.  We've been eating well out of pantry and freezers.  Not sure where to put this so I'll put it here.  The remodel on the pantry is nearly complete.  I painted yesterday.  And it looks so nice with everything sorted and organized.
Build Community- Nope.  I've been a homebody recently.  Although someone asked me about 'hosting' a chicken for them.  They would buy the chick and supply funds for feed if I supply them with eggs.
Skill up- Nothing. I really need to re-read sections of my 4 season gardening books....

So, you see, nothing much on the farmstead.  The Meyer Hatchery catalog arrived yesterday so I can dream of chicks for spring.

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  1. Life is just full of stuff, isn't it? :) I did stuff all day...


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