Friday, November 16, 2012


What?!!??  No more Twinkies??  Now what will we do during the zombie apocalypse??

Oh, wait, they aren't really food anyway.  Never mind....

I guess I'll be eating my usual fare.  Off to set up the heated base for the chicken waterer....


  1. Not to worry - the non-food item with a nuclear lifespan will be created for many moons to come! Twinkies are America! (Heaven help us.)

    1. True, true. Actually, I can't recall if I have EVER purchased Twinkies. Maybe in the college years... but even back then I had better taste than that.

  2. I am certain someone will be able to find Twinkies for the zombie apocalypse. And as Susan said .... they will certainly last forever. I mean, have you really ever seen Wonder Bread mold???

    I have to admit ... I used to eat frozen Twinkies in college. Cream filling that went crunch.


  3. Well, throw a Ding Dong at me, but I think the health of Americans might take a slight turn for the better if Twinkies disappear. But will it REALLY happen? Geesh, I wonder when was the last time I had a Twinkie? (Hostess chocolate cupcakes more though.) I do remember eating Twinkies on occasion when I was pretty small. But that was an eon ago!

  4. I don't eat them, but I really felt better knowing they were out there. Hey, I grew up with them LOL! I always preferred the "Suzy Q" though.

  5. I know, when they were called "bakers" on the news I thought "really?". More like chemists! Ewwww...


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