Sunday, March 24, 2013

And then there were five

We have concerns about Marilyn Monroe.  It appears likely that she is blind or at least has very poor vision.  She tends to run into things like walls.  She can only find the water if she runs into it and she isn't eating.  Sigh...  If she doesn't start eating she won't make it.
But, I called Orscheln's where we got the chicks and spoke to a clerk and then the manager about my concerns. She had me come in and get another chick, no charge, and we can take our chances on whether Marilyn makes it.
So, meet the newest addition:
 She is an Australorp.  I'm glad I got there when I did yesterday because they were out of all the breeds I brought home.  They aren't expecting any more Ameraucanas in until next week, at which time it would be more problematic to introduce a new chick, so the manager gave me pick of the breeds they have. What amazing customer service!
Here she is with Marilyn who just kind of stands around peeping and doesn't scratch or peck at things.
We're keeping our fingers crossed that Marilyn figures out this eating thing but regardless, now we have another chick to name.


  1. "Just stands around peeping".... LOL I think that's what my kids think of me!

    1. But at least you can feed yourself! But, yeah, my kids probably think the same thing.

  2. Sorry about Marilyn :( I lost a baby chick last week, it's sad but necessary if they aren't going to be able to live right.

    1. Yeah, a friend of mine asked me what would happen to her. She seemed to think that I was rather cold and callous when I said 'She will survive or she won't. That's the way the world works." She seemed to think that there was something I could do to fix it. She is a city girl who has never had to deal with more than her cat. As if this isn't hard enough without people judging you for letting her die.


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