Saturday, March 23, 2013

Meet the new ladies

Here they are.  The new Fab Four!
One Buff Orpington- pre-named Beatrice by my darling daughter.  Why Beatrice I'm not sure.
One Black Sex Link- named Bettie Page by my dear V who was amused about "sex link".  Guys....
And, finally, two Ameraucana chicks.  They don't have names yet although we're leaning toward other 40's/50's pin up girls. Yeah, I'm a sucker for pretty colored eggs.

They are in a temporary box in Justine's bedroom until V and the boys finish the bathroom and I can set up the dog kennel that will be their more permanent home until they're big enough to join the flock.

I can tell that Bettie is a few days older than the others since she's already got some little wing and tail feathers where the other three are just fluff.

I know, I know, I said I was going to wait until they finished the bathroom.  But that will happen today and I was already in that part of town.  No sense making two trips... right?  Besides, this gives the guys extra motivation to finish.


  1. Sure wish there was somebody around here that could sheet rock, mud and tape as fast as your guys! That's one job that neither hubby nor I are very good at. I think I can do the better job of the mudding and taping, but it sure takes me a long time!

    Your new little girls are adorable as chickies always are!

    1. Aw, it's just the ceiling so it's not a very big space. Only a couple of seams that need taped. Of course, the big work of sanding and painting will wait until it is warm enough to open the windows. I don't like doing that stuff when I can't put a fan in the window.

      And, yes, the girls are terribly cute.

  2. Funny thing, I thought as I read your post that you couldn't wait. They might be gone, or you'd dream they were gone..something told me you'd have them earlier than you planned. Soooo, when I read this I had to smile and think you still have a little bit of kid in you!! I'm glad you did, I love seeing the little cheepers!!...debbie

    1. Yeah, I knew I was going to get them yesterday- construction done or not. I talked to V about it and already had the temporary space set up. This particular store gets different breeds in every week and I really wanted the Ameraucanas and they only had about 10 left when I was there Friday night. So, Saturday morning while V was at his Kum Do class I ran some errands in that part of town and when he finished we headed down the road to the farm store that is also in that part of town. We don't get to that side of town too often and it seems pointless to make two trips when I could do one.

  3. They are cute as buttons! Mama Pea, too bad we aren't closer, hubs is a pro at that awful sheet rocking and mudding and the texture gun, that and flooring was his livelihood before the Navy! I'm sure someday I will have a ridiculously broken down house for him to do hahaha!


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