Sunday, March 24, 2013

More chick cuteness

They aren't all very willing subjects to photograph.  But here are the newest additions to our little homestead.
 Bettie Page looking for all the world like a little raven.  She is the biggest and obviously oldest chick we got.

 We haven't decided on a name for this one yet.  K13 suggests "Tabitha the Insane".  Another friend suggested "Aphrodite".  Justine suggested "Sasha Grey" while V thought maybe "Joan Crawford".  I love the brown and grey markings on her face.


And I believe this little sweetie will be Marilyn Monroe. She is the tiniest of the bunch.  Smaller even than her hatch-mate.  She's probably only a third the size of Bettie.  But she is by far the loudest chick.


  1. Way cute! Another blogger friend posted that she put a little roosting stick in her tub with the chicks and they climbed right up, cutest photo ever of those little babies on a roost already LOL

    1. They'll get a roosting stick when we move them into the dog kennel. So far, that hasn't happened yet but soon....


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