Thursday, March 14, 2013


I finally planted my first little seeds on Tuesday night.  My early stuff: cabbage (red and green), chinese cabbage, kale, broccoli, bok choi, and a couple of herbs (rosemary, parsley and summer savory).  Today, I got home from work and I've got bits of green!  Baby choi!  And it looks like the red cabbage isn't far behind.  It was so wonderful to be cleaning dirt out from under my nails again.
It seems that since Winter finally started to kick in, it doesn't want to leave.  It has been cold and snowy here off and on, although today it was nearly 50.
The lettuce and spinach that survived in the greenhouse all winter is finally really starting to take off.  I'll probably go plant a few radishes out there soon, maybe tomorrow.

I rearranged my usual day off so I had an extra day last week when Justine was home so I'm doing tow weeks in a row of working 5 days straight.  Blah!  I didn't realize how much I love that every other Monday off.
I've taken the week off sewing since the photo shoot on Saturday but will probably be back at it on Saturday.  It has been nice to have a little time for things like seed starting and a few more elaborate meals.
The boys are off on Spring break next week so V is going to have them help put up ceilings in a couple more rooms in the basement, including the bath.  Once the ceiling is up, I'm going to pick up a few more chicks at the farm store since they're in. Not too many, maybe 4 or 5.  I had thought about ordering some fancy breeds but I'm feeling too cheap (or cheep!) to pay that much shipping.  And last year one of our local stores had Ameraucanas,  And I know Justine wants another buff orpington.  We'll see what they have.  My coop and run are sized for up to 16 birds (4 square feet/bird inside, more outside) and I'm at 10 at the moment.  And they're finally laying decently again after molting and the winter.  Averaging 5-6 eggs/day again so eggy dishes are back on the menu.

Gotta run close the coop and take the quiche out of the oven.   Gotta have something with crust for Pi Day.


  1. Congrats on those sprouts, I can't wait!

    1. I think I'm going to be playing in the greenhouse tomorrow. Yeah dirt!

  2. Love your header!! I know your itching to get back to gardening...and weeding, weeding, What a busy household you have - as usual! Wonder what V will do when the basement is done??? Happy St. Paddy's Day! ...debbie

    1. I15 desperately wanted something and we worked out a deal for 1 hour/week weeding for this purchase. I think I definitely won!
      As for the basement, I'm not sure what he'll do when we're finished with the basement. I'm sure he'll find something else to occupy his time.


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