Friday, March 15, 2013

Something new

We did a little impulse shopping this afternoon.  A friend of ours sent us a photo of these and we just had to have one.
 K13 has named him Fernando... I'm not sure why.  He will inhabit the Goth Garden.  That seems appropriate, at least until we get a zombie statue for out there.
Ha Ha!  Gnome on the range....


  1. That's awesome. One could collect a little gang of them. Maybe it would scare off the squirrels. Probably not.

    1. I would hope it would scare the chipmunks. But, alas, I don't think much scares them.
      They also have a female version but I didn't like her as much. This one reminds me a little of a dear friend of ours.

  2. That's cute! I ♥ gnomes!!!!

  3. Gnome on the range!?! You have missed your calling in stand-up comedy!


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