Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eat local- day 4

A southwestern themed quiche.

Eggs from the ladies in the back.
Corn frozen in July- from a local farmstand
Jalapeno peppers and onions from the garden.
Kalona White Cheddar from Twin County Dairy, Kalona, IA

Isn't this fun??

But I don't have anything planned for tomorrow... any ideas??
My brother suggested local melon slices wrapped with La Quercia Prosciutto.  An idea- if I can find the prosciutto- it's hard to come by.


  1. This is great--our co-op has an eat-local challenge but no rewards except recipes and coupons. I love the donation idea. As for ideas, hmm. Maybe mexican? We do grilled fajitas with garden veggies and salsa and homemade flour tortillas. Or local pork chops with applesauce? :)

  2. That is one beautiful quiche. Stir fry? Of course, local rice might be a problem....


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