Saturday, September 7, 2013

Eating local- day 6

So, even though wine is involved again, I'm managing to get tonight's meal posted.  I'm particularly proud of this one.
Marinated and grilled grass-fed round steak from Mr Hochstetler in Kalona. We're getting down to the last of our beef and don't have much selection left. But marinading it for an hour and half made it ever-so tender.
Spiced fried potatoes.  Red, gold and blue potatoes from Buffalo Ridge Orchard at the farmer's market. onions and jalapeno from the garden.  Cayenne, salt and olive oil.
Green, yellow wax and purple beans steamed with rosemary.  Beans from Oak Hill Acres (farmer's market), rosemary from the pot on the front porch.

One last day in the challenge. I wonder what tomorrow will bring....

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