Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday already?

Oh my, where has the week gone!  And I only worked 2 days at my paying job last week!

Things have been going well here.  V arrived home safe and sound.  He is currently doing some repairs on the window at the bottom of the stairs.  Well, I guess when I say repairs, I mean he has removed it and is re-installing it.  It was put in really badly so he's trying to make it all right again.
The boys have been in school all week.  Although they had early release every single day since it was so unbearably hot and humid.  Justine is settled into her dorm room and started classes.  She has also restarted her blog about college life. If you're curious, you can check her out here.
I've been doing a little of this and a little of that. You know the drill- laundry, managing the garden and house.  I promise I'll do a feed sack to tote bag tutorial soon.  I just haven't had time.
I did go gather some jewel weed and am trying something new- a homemade itch balm.  I saw it at The Homesteading Neophyte.  And I've got everything on hand.  I'm trying to get it done today and tomorrow so I can send some out to Justine.  Her boyfriend will be out in Pennsylvania on business next weekend and is going to see her and deliver a few things to her.  So, itch balm and an aloe plant will wend their way eastward.
Otherwise, I've been wandering with the camera and having fun.  I'll leave you with a few photos of the week.
 Look at that clear blue sky!  But I do wish it would rain.  We have just finished the driest August on record. We had only 0.1 inches of rain all month.

 The greenhouse is cleared out and prepped.  I still need to re-set the pavers in the middle. There is one huge chard plant still in there but it looks pretty sad in the heat.  It was 99F NOT in the greenhouse!

 The mint is blooming and is a popular place for beneficial insects.  This is a Golden Digger Wasp.

And finally, can you spot the mantis?  She has been hanging out in the runner beans.  I nearly picked her one day.  

I hope all here in the US have a good holiday tomorrow.  

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