Saturday, December 7, 2013

Another pet photo

 You would think that the dog thinks we got this couch just for him.  At least he's comfortable.

And not pet related:
The first of the garden porn is starting to arrive....  Must. Not. Look. Yet.


  1. Ah the sins of seed porno ha ha ha yup...just the other day I was tempted at starting up some watermelon indoors...but then I thought hmmmm better not try that one. ha ha ha

    My dog as (mini dashound/jackrussel mix) small as he thinks that my full size bed is all his and many times over I often waken up to many of his toys all over the bed under the covers. lol

  2. What is it about dogs and THEIR couches - I have one too. I can't wait for the seed catalogs! I save them up for February - the longest, grayest, most endless month of winter.

  3. I just got my Seed Savers catalog the other day too. I can't wait! And I love the photo of your dog. Is he as big a ham as he looks?

  4. I don't generally let myself look at the catalogs until after the first of the year. It's something for the long dark days after the holidays. But I'll confess... I did let myself flip through the new Baker Creek one when it arrived. It is SO pretty!
    And yes, the dog is a huge ham. That is how and where he tends to sleep during the day. Such a rough life....


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