Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A bit distracted

Didn't get much work done today here.  Oh, I managed to get everyone fed and got laundry folded and put away. I've been a bit preoccupied this afternoon.  Hospital administration announced today that they are going to start layoffs soon.  They won't say how many of the 6,600 employees will be affected but they have indicated that it will involve all levels of staff and will affect even those employees who do direct patient care.  I don't see how they can start laying off the people who care for the patients who pay the bills.  Now, some management folks I can see on the chopping block.  A few months ago, when they started asking people for ideas on cost savings I was a bit irked when the announced the hiring of some bozo for an 'assistant administrative vice president of doodling' or something like that.  Oh, the upper level management took a voluntary 5% pay cut which sounds great until you realize that  one of their 5% is more than I make in an entire year.  OH, THE AGONY TO HAVE TO LIVE ON ONLY $30,000 A MONTH!
I'm not worried about my job, the cuts will be based on seniority and I've been there the longest of all of us except the woman who is going through phased retirement already.  Our newest and youngest OT is really worried though, she just found out that she is pregnant with their first child and is worried that she will lose her job.  Since her husband is a farmer, she carries all their health benefits as well as brings in the steady/reliable income.  We did our best to reassure her that everything will be fine.  We hope we've already done our part by giving up a new position that had been approved for our division.
Like I needed any more stress in my life right now.  (sigh)

Tomorrow night is I12's 6th grade 'graduation' party at school so that should lift my spirits.  The children's last day of school is Thursday then V can start them on house repair boot camp.
Should be interesting....


  1. It's terrible when the layoffs come. Even the folks that don't get laid off suffer because their workload increases. Well, best of luck with all that. And enjoy the graduation party-how wonderful!

  2. House Repair Boot Camp. I like that. lol Will keep my fingers crossed for you and the pregnant gal. My son has been off work for 6 months now and can't find a job. I get worried and frustrated - but I'm sure he does too. Graduation party sounds like fun. Summertime is just about here!! yea!...debbie

  3. Since my dream has always been to be president of doodling, I'm saddened to learn that I missed the opportunity to become "assistant administrative vice president of doodling!"

    Hopefully the young pregnant lady keeps her job.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog and all the hard work you do...then as I was reading it this morning, I thought wow that is what I just read in the Gazette this morning..Then I looked at your profile and started laughing because we are both in Iowa. Exciting...I'm up in Cedar Rapids... praying for the young women...It's hard when layoffs are going to be announced...There are more layoffs to come where my husband works..I am so glad we decided to change our life and homestead on our piece of property...even tho it is not big but we do so love it...Lisa

  5. There have been cuts at our hospital as well. Nursing was not affected but many others especially managenment.

  6. Judy--sorry to hear about more work stress. I hope your department escapes unscathed. Good luck! kris

  7. I feel for you and your colleagues. I am a nurse and also work in patient care and I know they are juggling our hours trying to save as much money as they can. I guess thngs are really bad when health care is affected. I hope you all come through unscathed.

  8. The stress always ratchets up a few notches when layoffs begin.Maybe the Assistant vice prez of doodling can learn to draw while waiting in the unemployment line...

  9. I too work at a hospital..it is amusing to me that they poor mouth everything...we didn't get any raises this year, but they found the money to hire a company to find out how to boost morale....and provide us with a survey...IRKED...yes me too....how much did that cost? We are the only independent hospital left in our area. I don't know how they are staying above water, and have not seen or heard of any
    early retirements/layoffs, or $ reduction for the "UPPER ESCHELON" Paper pushes and habitual meeting attendees...Other larger hospitals in the area have laid off and had hiring freezes..mostly clerical staff. they say not directly pt care staff...hope things get better for you at your place.. My husband just got laid off in manufacturing after 20 years non
    management...I work at the hospital p/t...what do you do?


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