Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's official!

It's finally, really, truly summer!

I hope you all had a Summer Solstice filled with good things.

And happy Father's Day!
Poor V, he worked hard in the heat today.


  1. Aren't the seasons amazing-2 weeks ago we were wearing coats and worried about plants freezing. Today it's sunburns and soaking wet clothes! Kris

  2. We had a good summer solstice! Bob and I enjoyed a late morning sit on the back porch and he told me all about the race he and his 2 buddies went to in Ohio. We talked about the kids - Had the kids over for a Happy Father's Day Bar-B-Q and he opened all his cards and a gift from Kelly. I drop my Coconut Pie on the floor when Reilly got to close to me and I tried not to step on her and droped the pie on it's side. I did quickly pick it up and salvaged little less than half...we each got a small piece. It was a good day anyway. lol...debbie

  3. Happy solstice! Its my fav time of year, just thinking of all the long days and sunlight (though with the rain lately....)
    Solstice always brings out mixed feelings for me. On the one hand, it is the time of the longest days of the year, but at the same time it is the start of the "other half" of the year, when slowly the days shorten. It'll be a long time until we see the effect on the days, and the warmth is just starting, but mentally there is that hump, if it makes sense?
    ANyway, hope you had a great solstice and weekend with your family :-)

  4. I have to say, I'm with livinginalocalzone....I see the solstice as the beginning of ever shortening days. Hopefully I'll have some summer before the winter!
    Take care, Judy!

  5. Happy Summer!! :)


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