Monday, June 8, 2009

Independence Days- take 2: week 6

It feels like it's been a slow week.  I've been back at work and just can't get as much accomplished as I did when I was off.  I realize that there are 9 and a half hours less in a day that I can use (8 hours work, half hour lunch and 25 minute commute each way) but I guess I still hold myself to a high standard- that and I'm impatient.  I haven't gotten much big done but lots of little things have been accomplished.  
I still like Sharon's Independence Days Challenge because it helps me organize and see how much I have managed to get done, even with working full time.  
1.  Plant something- Transplanted a yellow cherry tomato seedling from our town back yard into the garden and planted cucumbers.  V and I got the trellis built for the pole beans but I haven't gotten them in the ground yet. I have been battling the weeds and the weather.  I have had several chances to get out and weed when there has been a break in the weather but it seems that everytime I go out it rains again shortly thereafter and replants half the weeds I hoed up.  But at least the trellis is up.  
2.  Harvest something- Lettuce, chard, mustard greens, radishes and a few green onions. Yum, salad!  I think my peas are a bust for the year thanks to overly friendly bunnies.  (sigh)
3.  Preserve something- no
4.  Reduce waste- pulled more boxes out of the dumpster across the alley and picked up boxes from work.  Packing has been on a hiatus since I'm out of boxes except for really little ones.  I've got about a dozen more now and packed up three from my craft/sewing room this evening.  My stuff from that room is about all packed.  Now it's just V's guitars and sound equipment. Otherwise on this category, recycled, composted and used cloth bags as usual.
5.  Prep and storage- Hmmm, I don't think so.  I haven't been storing much of anything recently.  Still working on prepping the house.  It's taking SO much longer than we had hoped to get things done out there.  We're trying to fill in the gaps in the epoxy coating on the floor (they did the floor coating after they had built walls and installed equipment so there are now bare spaces) and it seems that it is taking forever.  But once that is done we can start putting up the insulation and drywall in the basement.  We did choose a light for the dining room this evening.  I found it strange that there was no overhead light in there and we wanted one.  I guess that's kind of prep.
6.  Build community food systems-  I talked to one of the RNs today about canning.  She would like to learn and I told her I would give her some help when her garden starts producing.  She also moved last fall and has her first garden.
7.  Eat the food- I think all meals except Wednesday are planned out of stores this week.  I'm still debating on what I want to do on Wednesday, have V cook or go out.  Hmmm... too many choices.

Ok, I guess all in all not too bad of a week.  I REALLY want the weather to cooperate with my schedule so I can get my beans and sweet corn planted before it's too late.  Maybe I'll see if I can divert J15 from what V has planned for her tomorrow to weed a bit for me.  It's so frustrating to know that they're all out at the house working while I'm stuck at work.  Normally I love my job. It's just interfering with my life right now.


  1. Some weeks are like that. I understand about the high standards, it helps motivate, but it also frustrates at times when there is a lot to juggle.

    Salad - yup, I'm drowning in it too. And that's good :-) Sorry about the peas though. Sounds like you are making good headway on the packing and prepping of the house. How do you train the veg on the trellis if the veg has already started to grow "free-form"

  2. I always try to put up my trellis before I plant so I don't damage any plants in the process. But, sometimes they don't play nice and go a bit free form before they discover the trellis. It usually isn't a problem, though, once a runner discovers it they're off an climbing. I have been known to direct a tendril toward the support and gently loop it around, that's usually all it takes.

  3. With all the rain we've been getting in our area Judy, my only question is when V is going to start building the ark?

    My parents are still battling to get 800 acres of soybeans in the ground so I'm praying for a stretch of no rain for a couple weeks. I'll include your general vicinity in those prayers.

  4. It's hard to get any work done when your at work...but think of all the good you do there! Just as important. My tomato plant has yellow leaves at the bottom - no black thingies on i watering them too much?? or do I have a problem. They have actual tomatoes on them!!!...debbie


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