Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A lovely day

I had a lovely day.  It was a slow day at work so my co-workers sent me home early.  I did get a bit of painting done at home (the window mullions in our bedroom)  in the afternoon.  Then we had a lovely dinner at the Wig and Pen.  We had a 'Flying Tomato' pizza...deep dish, lots of cheese, fresh tomato slices.  YUM.
Then we came home to have cake.  V and the kids baked me a marvelous cake.  Decorated especially for me.
The white bison cake
I have always loved bison.  I have several stuffed ones and some hand carved wooden ones.  So for my birthday they made me a bison cake, complete with chocolate droppings.  And I love the 21!
A mini bell from K9.
I got lovely little china bell from K9 that he picked up at the Herbert Hoover Museum on their last field trip of the school year.  They also cleaned the house for me: dusted and vacuumed the living and dining room and even packed a few things.
So, it was a lovely day.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  Have a wonderful rest of your week.


  1. What a great picture of you Judy! Love the bison cake, isn't it just the personal things that make occasions such as birthdays so very special. I am so happy you had such a great day :)

  2. Hey Judy
    Happy Be-lated Birthday!!
    What a wonderful cake, I see YOU'RE 21 too! Glad you had such a nice time. Sending you hugs and best wishes (a little late)

  3. :-) I love the cake! Glad you had such a great day with your family.

  4. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day! Enjoy the rest of the week

  5. Great Picture of the Birthday Belle!! Glad you had a great day. My birthday is tomorrow. Had to laugh at the Buffalo Poo. How sweet of the family to make you a Buffalo cake! Glad you had a great birthday!!...debbie

  6. ooohhh...I can't wait until I turn 21....coming up quickly, lol! Love the bison cake :)

  7. Happy Birthday! I loved seeing the picture of you-glad to meet you!

  8. Happy Birthday!! And what a lovely cake! :)

  9. Happy Birthday! May all of your wishes come true!

  10. So glad you had a happy birthday. What a great family to pamper you!

  11. Happy birthday. It's funny to see that you're 21 too. My mother's birthday was the tenth and my son asked her how old she was and she said 21. Great picture, you really looked happy and enjoying yourself.


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