Sunday, June 28, 2009

i've been a bad blogger

It's been a lean week for posts this week. We've been busy. I worked all week plus it was my Saturday to work this weekend. But I did manage to finish up a little early yesterday and we took advantage of the fabulous weather to get some work done. Here's an update of what's been going on.
Nothing I've done, but here is a tiny apple from the mystery tree in the yard. Look closely.
V was laughing at me this afternoon in the yard. We were working to fill in the holes the previous owner's dogs had dug in the yard. I had filled in a hole when suddenly I heard a squeal and realized that I had buried a nest of baby bunnies. We carefully excavated them and then teased each other on how 'soft' we were, even though we knew that they would potentially nibble on the garden.
Spaz is settling in. Please disregard the need for vacuuming.
Mandy finally settles in for a nap in the rocking chair.
The cats are settling in. The dog has been out at the new house during the days since they've been here so they have been having a chance to explore without him around. They won't let him near them so he has decided to bark at them from a distance. Ugh. Mandy has become a bit more bold, coming out to look at him from behind the baby gate we have put up in the door to J15's room (their sanctuary). Ticket is, I think, excited to get to know them. His tail is wagging in a friendly way and he really, really just wants to sniff them all over. He still doesn't know kitty behavior so he is trying to interact with them as if they were dogs. Poor guy.
But in even bigger news:
The well pit is filled!!!!
We just need to put down a layer of plastic that we're doing for waterproofing the basement, a little topsoil and horse manure, get the concrete slab in place and we're set for reinstalling the air conditioning!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
V and J15 work to install the plastic water barrier.
V has come up with his water abatement plan for the basement. The biggest problem is that there is really poor drainage away from the house for any rain that falls. So, we spent time this weekend excavating a drainage ditch between the house and garage. There will be a plastic barrier fixed to the house and lining the ditch to lead water away from the house. It meant a lot of digging this weekend but hopefully, it will help keep moisture out of the basement. We've got both the North and West side of the house done and those are the sides that leak the worst.
I took advantage of the fabulous weather today to spend several hours in the garden weeding. I tried to rediscover my onions. Let me tell you, pulling large smart weeds from around small onions isn't a pretty thing.
And to end on a positive note:
Raspberries! Both black and golden.
The first 'real' harvest of berries for the year from the raspberries at our town house. I'm not expecting anything from the ones I transplanted this year so at least we'll get a few from the plants I didn't move. I probably won't get enough for jam this year but I'm looking forward to berries on my cereal for breakfast tomorrow.


  1. Oh, those raspberries look wonderful!! Do the reds and yellows taste the same?

  2. Oh! The first raspberries :-) Hopefully they will keep coming in the next few weeks so you can at least get a jar of jam out of it in addition to the "eating straight up" goodies.
    (And I would have taken the bunnies out too - even though they can invade a garden, it just seems wrong to bury them alive)

  3. The raspberries don't taste the same. The yellow ones are a bit sweeter and have more of a perfume to them. My Mom likes to make jam from the golden ones mixed with peaches. YUMMY

  4. Good Morning Judy, thanks for the sweet words and good wishes. Appreciate them. The raspberryes look yummy. I didn't know they had such a thing as Golden Raspberries! They look good! I had Blueberries in my Raisin Bran Crunch this morning. The kitties are so cute. The tabby has a beautiful color pattern and should be on TV commercials!! You should have named the black one "Mombo", that wasn't carried away there for a moment. I think the animals will get along great. Lincoln and Ernie do. I hope your drainage ditch and plastic work well. Especially after all that work!! Guess I better go and try and figure out how to get clean without getting a shower...will use the ole' girl scout method!!...debbie

  5. Beautiful looking raspberries, I adore them. My Dad grew tham when I was a little girl.

    Well done on all the progress too. You are all amazing, seriously. Your entire family have so much energy and so many great ideas. Be proud Judy, very proud! :)

  6. Look at your early harvest!! Raspberries are just starting here...lots of flowers, no fruit yet! I am curious about the golden raspberries... I have not seen them before.

    I love your little apple. It reminds me of the tiny seed my husband planted in an old tin can when he was 4. 35 years later it is a 20 foot apple tree!

    Great blog!

  7. The raspberries look great. I am sure you will get many more next year.

    It looks great around the house! You are getting a lot done.

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  9. It's coming along!!

    The raspberries look yummy!

    Last night I was weeding the garden (it was very, very bad) and I heard this grunting noise. I noticed my weed pile was moving! I carefully dug through it to my straw mulch and then found a wee nest of bunnies!! So, beautiful. I carefully put the straw back even though most of my garden will probably end up being bunny food.


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