Saturday, June 6, 2009

The week in photos

I'm feeling a bit better now- having had my rant and cry.  We got a bunch of boxes packed and moved out this afternoon and the weather cooperated that I could get some weeding done in the garden.  
I'm a bit miffed.  My peas have all been eaten off down to the level of the weeds that they are surrounded by.  I was going to weed them but decided against it until I can get my fence up. I need to make that a priority.   I may not have any peas this year which will be a hard thing to cope with.  Everything else in the garden is looking fabulous.  We had our first salads from the garden tonight.  YUM!
Now on to the highlights of the week
The last day at Longfellow Elementary.
K and his kick ass bike.  
He and I did get down to the bike shop to pick out his bike.  He got a really great one.  It's a bit big for him- he got a small frame adult bike as opposed to a kid's bike- but he got a 7 speed mountain bike and he'll most likely grow into it by the end of the summer.  And what a great deal- he got a nearly $500 bike for free!  It doesn't get much better than that.
My fabulous kitchen!
Yeah, I know,  the island isn't finished yet but the track lights, range and hood all work!  The electric range will be going up on craigslist soon.
The peonies are in full bloom.
It turned out to be a pretty good day, considering the rough start.  We've almost got all the books packed up from the basement but I'm out of boxes.  ARGH!!! All I've got left are really big or really little boxes.  Nothing that is really useful.  (sigh)  Maybe I can ask at the grocery store tomorrow.
I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.


  1. So glad things turned around!!! Can you make your kids start packing up their own rooms - and what doesn't get packed gets pitched? That is a sweet bike - he'll have loads of fun with it.

  2. The Marigolds seem to have really worked on the rabbits for me , I although have had a dog or a deer eat every last bit of Lettuce I set out and for some reason all my basil , everything else went fine. *sighs* That lettuce was nice looking , happy and huge. I had been growing it sine january *Sighs*

    I am going to need a new stratagy.
    Next Year I am going to need more marigolds.

  3. Kris- the kids have already gotten their rooms packed. It's the rest of the house that is the problem.
    Happy hermit- thanks for stopping by. I've used marigolds in the past but this year it just didn't happen. There's always next year.


  4. Great photos. LOVE that kitchen of yours. Sorry about the peas, but I bet that salad tasted SO good!

  5. First thing...that is one nice lookin' kitchen you got going there! The bike is awesome and the peonies are beautiful! I'm sorry about your peas.
    I'm assuming since you said we that you had some help with packing. I hope so.

  6. Freshly picked salad, a GORGEOUS new kitchen (WOW!), a bike sale that was meant to be, and peonies. I like. Glad to hear that your week turned around and you are looking forward. Hope you had a great weekend :-)

  7. I am stunned at how gorgeous it all is! What a splendid payoff for all that hard work.



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