Thursday, June 18, 2009

Garden confessions

Time for confessions. My garden is a mess! Someone please remind me why I chose to even plant a garden this year with all the house mess going on... oh yeah, I love it. And I love having the food and preserving it to feed my family. But it's a weedy mess. There is some good news though:
Tiny beans popping up after the rain (surrounded by weeds)
We had huge storms come though early this morning and again around lunch time. We ended up getting about an inch of rain. But it cleared off nicely (although it got HOT) I did do a little weeding this evening, trying to rediscover my tomatoes.
Here, we'll have some fun:
Try to spot the tomatoes!!!
They are in there. I pulled the largest weeds around about a third of them last night and another third tonight. The final third wasn't quite as bad as I had weeded them about a week ago. These weeds grow so fast! and there are so many of them!!! I still need to go through and get out the grass that is coming up but at least the tomatoes are now taller than the surrounding weeds.
But it's amazing what you can find when you weed.
I found that I have some little tomatoes set on my cherry roma tomatoes. They are an heirloom variety of grape tomatoes and Oh, so tasty.


  1. Wouldn't it be great if they'd come up with a vegetable that grew even 1/10 as well as a weed?!

  2. The weeds are running wild here too. I got another email from the farm I volunteer at saying how we all need to think thoughts for warm weather (or at least sun) this weekend so we can get some good weeding in. The constant cool weather and rain has taken its toll. Your pictures! The weeds really do take over. Glad you were able to make a dent in them, and find some goodies too.

  3. Your garden looks better than mine! I really need to get a few hours of weeding in, but....with rain every day it's impossible. I'm thinking roundup in between the rows now......

  4. you do seem to have a great crop of weeds. they look just like mine...actually that could be from my's been way too hot to weed. I keep thinking the weed fairy will come and do it for me...but ...I think she might be on vacation...debbie


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