Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm tired

It was a busy, busy weekend here. We worked out at the new house Saturday afternoon and all day today. Today was really busy.
Saturday morning we slept in. Not intentionally but I think that exhaustion just caught up with us. even I, who don't generally sleep later than 7 slept until after 9. J15 got up at 940 and mentioned that I didn't wake her up for Tae Kwan Do. I did go up and wake V at that point but they opted to not go to Kum Do at 1015. V and I made a trip to one of the home centers and then we loaded up the vehicles and headed out.
This morning we got an earlier start. I feel somewhat bad that we have been skipping church a lot recently but I've only got so many hours in my weekend and while I find it helpful for centering, I often get the same feeling of peace working in my garden.
I did get a lot done in the garden this weekend. I finally got my sweet corn and beans planted, as well as the cilantro and transplanting the dill seedlings my Mom brought me. This morning I weeded the fenceline and installed most of the rabbit fence around the garden. I got 3 sides done before I ran out of fence and wire ties. Fortunately, I got the 3 most difficult sides done. Now I just need to finish the barnyard side. But I need to put in fence posts to fasten my fence to. I did a bunch of weeding around the peppers and tomatoes but I've conceded that I'll probably never be 'on top' of the weed until we are actually living out there and I can spend a bit more time in the garden. I'm trying to look at this as a 'building year' (taking reference from various sports teams). I did discover that I have a few little peppers set on. It's quite exciting!! The tomatoes are blooming but I think it's been too cool for them to actually set. My eggplant have blossoms forming so we'll see what happens.
This afternoon I spent time ripping out the old subfloor in the upstairs bath. We are planning to use ceramic tile on the floor and the existing subfloor is the wrong kind. So it had to go. But now we are ready to install the tile backer, rip out the existing ceiling and put in drywall, tile the floor, finish the walls, install the new sink base and sink and then we're almost set!
The insulation is finished for the exterior walls in a portion of the basement so we are getting closer to being ready to frame J15's room. The upstairs bath and her room are the things that are keeping us from moving completely.
V did finally get the lights in the dining room finished today. Except for the bathroom, most of the main floor is about ready to move in (well, the kitchen island still isn't finished),

In more fun news, we spent a little time this morning looking online at the available cats and kittens at the local animal shelter. I told J15 that if we are still a bit slow at work this week we will try to go visit this week. I'm not ready to bring a cat home quite yet- we're still a bit chaotic, but we thought we would go see what they have. She has fallen in love with a 10 week old kitten that she saw on line but I told her she needs to meet them before she makes a choice. I'm worried that a kitten that young may have a hard time with the dog. They also have several 10 month olds who look very promising.
Tomorrow it's back to work and the 'real world' V needs to write for his paid job so I don't see much happening out at the farm tomorrow.
Have a great week.


  1. You amaze me with all that you do in a day.

    I would love to have your garden. My little, and I mean little, plot is so sad in comparison.

    Have a great week, and I hope it slows down for you :)

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you were able to get some sleep. You've been at it for so long, that recovery should be refreshing. Your garden sounds like it is going really well, hope the rabbits heed the fence! My eggplant haven't started to flower, though there are some odd dark purple curls coming out - not sure what that's about. Hope you see some fruit soon.

  3. Your body must have needed the sleep and I'm glad you were able to let it have it!

    Would love to see more progress pictures. It really is amazing what you all manage to get done so quickly.

  4. Weeding the fenceline...good times! That's what I did all weekend, I must admit I broke out the Roundup! So happy all your veggies at the new place are blooming and doing well, it must be so hard doing that while moving and working too.

  5. Yeah, sorry about no pictures. I forgot the camera BOTH days. Duh!
    I'd actually be embarassed to post pictures of my garden. It is SO weedy. OMG! I think all the weed seeds that have lay dormant in the soil for years are finally sprouting now that the ground has been worked. It's amazing how many there are. And I can pull them and a few days later the ground is carpeted with weed seedlings again. UGH! I've contemplated putting down newspaper mulch but I figure that will just save them until next year.

  6. You make me exhausted just reading what you get done in a day.

  7. Good luck with the kitten search! I got my cat when I was 4, and as we approached the front door for the first time, my parents told me we had to let her 'meet' our german shepherd/lab mix, Jake.

    They took her from me (barely 6 wks old!) and put her right down inside the house, and that dog chased her for Hours, round and round, in one room and out the other.

    They ended up great companions, she'd even curl up and sleep against the dog's side sometimes. So cute!

    I hope whatever kitty you get that it becomes fast friends with your dogs.

  8. Lack of sleep does catch up with you. We bought 2 cats at the shelter last year and they gave all my animals kennel cough.....arggg. Got them both fixed and they got hit by cars.
    This year we obtained free cats from locals and even though they both cross the road on a regular basis they are around. I decided this year if they can make it til fall I'll get them fixed.
    Goundhogs....our German shorthair killed one the other day. They usually stay a distance from our house because of the dogs.

  9. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing AMAZINGLY well. I found you awhile back while your "farm home" was essentially a dream and it has been so fun to watch you progress in your dreams. I have a little lot in the 'burbs and I would love to have more space-so I live through your blog! (giggle) Hang in there-your dreams are coming true-maybe not fast enough but they are!

  10. Glad to hear that you all finally got some extra sleep! I'm sure you all needed it with all the work you've been doing.
    How exciting that you're almost move-in ready!! Hang in there!

  11. If I were you I would be tired too!!! But it sounds like things are moving right along.

  12. I just got tired reading this post! Having just finished building a house and doing a lot of the work ourselves, I can just feel where you are coming from. Hang in there, it'll be so worth it.


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