Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wind and whining

We had a HUGE thunderstorm come through late Friday afternoon. I had just arrived home from work. After it passed we went out to the new house to survey the damage. There must have been one heck of a wind with it out there. My garden is flattened :( and we have a few downed limbs including what looks like about a 6-8 inch oak limb broken off on one of the trees on the hills. Of course it wasn't a clean break and it's still hung up high in the tree. We also had water in the basement :( when we thought we had the leaks plugged. There was even water leaking in from a place that hadn't leaked before. (sigh)
In other whining news- we had a message from our insurance agent. When we bought the acreage, we explained the plan to her and she was fine with it. But evidently 'corporate' has figured out that we have two homeowner's policies and are pressuring us for a definite date we will make the new house our 'primary residence'. They are likely to issue us with a deadline. Grrr! I don't see why they should care- we're giving them their money.
So, we're planning to do a blitz to try to finish the upstairs bath this weekend. If all else fails J15 can sleep upstairs for a while until we get her room finished if they end up putting too much pressure on us. We figured that if we had another week where neither of us was working and we could spend all our time working on the house, we could be ready. But, I've already taken lots of time off and V has a big writing project that he has to have researched and finished by July 2 (for a July 3 site launch date).
You may not be 'seeing' much of me for a while depending on what comes down. We already know that we have a July 21 deadline for moving- that's one of the stipulations of our mortgage- We have 90 days from closing to be in. It's creeping up faster than the weeds in the garden.


  1. Oh, Insurance companies are, in my opinion, the biggest rackateers out there. It ticks me off that they scrutinize your living situation (I ran in to this same problem with all of my various properties-you would think in this economy they would jump on the corporate bandwagon to help folks out). I especially despise that they do credit checks to determine your rates. I recently had a policy renew for the year and I saw a message that the following may or may not have influenced my rates: a department store card with no activity. WTF???

    Anyway, I hope you get moved! It's hard, hard work! :) Wish I was closer to help!

  2. Oh , those darn storms. Hopefully your garden will stand tall once again. Lots of times it just takes a bit for things to stand back up.

    And insurance companies......don't get me started. They can all .....never mind.....;)

  3. We had that same storm line through here with flooding and downed trees. It was a mess! I hope you can solve your leaks. It surprises me that you would have water when the pictures make it look like the house is on the top of a hill.

  4. I am sorry to hear about that wretched storm. We were supposed to have one last night with 50 mph winds, but it never came. They said this never came. I am glad. I can't say anything about Insurance companies because they put food on my table and shoes on my feet and goodies for my darling little granddaughters. I believe though it's to keep you from having to pay "investment property" premiums. Hope the garden straightens up!!...debbbie

  5. Sorry to hear about the storm and the flooding. On Thursday we had torrential downpours and wind, and it was really scary.
    The basement, sigh. I hope you get to the root of the leaks and figure out how to solve it. Ironically, though, if its going to happen, at least now the house is a work-in-progress as opposed to having it happen 3 weeks after you've moved in, fixed what needs to be fixed, etc. Okay. I know that's not helpful, but maybe there is a tiny bit of goodness to be found?

    Oh - to add - the insurance thing just makes my blood boil.

  6. Sorry to hear about your garden! I hope it all springs back...


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