Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet the newest family members

Yeah, I know. I said we were going to wait until we got settled in the new house. But we made the mistake of making a trip to the animal shelter yesterday afternoon. We actually ended up with two new additions to the family.
This is Mandy
I don't have many good pictures of her yet. She doesn't stay still long enough. She is a tiny little thing. About 11 weeks old. We're a bit worried about her with the dog. She is about a mouthful for him. I don't think he would hurt her on purpose but he just wants to play and they're not ready for that yet.
This is Spaz
He's a year old- a bullseye tabby. After a swat across the nose the dog has been giving him a wide berth. Ticket is curious but Spaz isn't ready to play nice yet. Of course, they've only been here since about 5 this evening so they've only had about 4 hours to settle in. Spaz has spent lots of time under the china cabinet and we've been keeping Mandy mostly upstairs in J15's room to keep her away from the dog.
It will be an interesting few days while everyone gets used to each other.


  1. Judy, I had to chuckle. Went just to look and came home with not one but TWO little kitties!! Good for you! They will be great company for each other while they rule the household!! They are cute!...debbie

  2. Congratulations! I would be just the same, unable to resist anything furry that purrs. (Or anything furry that barks for that matter). Have fun with your new additions.

  3. Yea, Judy, I THINK you were asking for trouble. Look and not touch, huh? But, they will be a great addition to the family. Best to you!!

  4. Ah how cute! I do like the markings on the tabby, he is especially lovely!

    I would have been the same and come away with them as well...thats why we have 4 cats...

  5. :-) Adorable! And entirely irresistible!

  6. I did manage to limit the kids to ONLY two! We were actually already thinking about two after we saw a pair advertised for adoption that were siblings and would only be adopted out as a pair. J15 wanted to get two tiny kittens but I drew the line there. She had initially agreed to get slightly older cats due to the dogs size but I gave in for Mandy. She really is adorable- the picture doesn't do her justice. She really is a ball of non-stop motion.
    Our local shelter is quite overcrowded at the moment. They are still in temporary quarters since their old facility was damaged in the flood last year. There have recently been numerous pleas for people to come adopt cats (or dogs). It was hard to walk away with only two. They have a room with probably 40-50 cats and kittens.
    I grew up with lots of cats so I love them.

  7. Congrats! Now they will be all settled in and ready to do their work come fall when the mice try to come in!!

  8. Awww...they're adorable!

  9. Hu Judy, pop over to Green Desert and collect your award when you get a chance. x


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