Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garden update mid june

After work tonight K and I went out to the house to work in the garden before dinner. We would have all gone out but V and I12 had been out there working all afternoon and V had to be home for a conference call about work at 530. I got a good hour weeding in before we needed to head home. I managed to find some of the tomatoes in the weeds. I can hardly tell that I have ever weeded, even though I know that it was all done not that long ago. The garden is being taken over by nightshade, pigweed and smartweed. They seem to grow so much more quickly than the veggies.
K9 was excited to help harvest.
He found the giant radish (which he probably won't eat)
Lettuce and chard looking lovely.
The only plant with peppers set on- one of the 'mystery' hot peppers.
But oh, the weeds!
The photo above was taken in the area I just weeded and worked for planting my beans over the weekend. Already hundreds of tiny weed seedlings up.
Whoosh, at the rate they grow they'll be towering before you know it. sigh. Someday I'll be on top of the weeding- maybe.


  1. By golly, I know what you mean with the darn weeds growing every nano-second. Wonder why that is?? Bob and I were just talking about that Sunday as we looked at the back garden...looks terrible in spost - One weed is 4 foot tall. Only reason it's still there is because the flowers are pretty. But it's going soon!! What a fine radish K picked! It is huge! I would put that big bad boy on a sandwhich and eat him right up!!...debbie

  2. Oh I feel your pain....I weeded on monday and it needs it again...We are also having a huge problem with Virginia Creeper vine here in Cedar Rapids..My husband thought his grape vines were doing fantastic and the grape vines are covered with Virgina creeper...He was not happy to hear that tonight..Lisa

  3. think positive --pigweed is yummy too! Kris

  4. We have crazy fast growing weeds here too. Drives me crazy. lol

  5. I'm sure you'll have that garden looking great once you're done with all the running. I envy your peppers. Mine all froze. Durn weather!!
    Have a great day!

  6. Your weed pic looks familiar! I have about 200 ft sq left to weed, been working on it for a week straight including round up day! I feel so bad, don't even have my beans planted yet. I wanted to get all the weeds first, but I think I will go ahead and plant them today anyways, since the weeds will never be done in that area since it's not a raised bed. Did get my edamame planted though, and more cucumbers (something ate the others not in raised beds!) I swear if I had any disposable income right now I would hire a teenager to pull weeds...oh, wait, they probably wouldn't do that kind of work, lol...I still remember the good ol days of corn detassling as a teenager, good honest work!!

  7. I LOOKED at my garden last night - the weeds are growing. And the GRASS! When it quits raining I'll have to think of getting out there. Lovely lettuce!

  8. The greens really are lovely here too, maybe because the sun seems to have gone into hibernation? My lettuces bolted mostly during that one warm patch, but the CSA has been providing quite the bounty. I'm volunteering at a local farm, and we got an email saying how desperately they need people to come in on Saturday morning and just *weed*!! I guess the same weather that gives us all these greens is the same weather that plagues us with the weeds.


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