Saturday, April 28, 2012

Independence Days 2012- week 12

I'm a bit late with this post.  Normally I do these on Fridays but last night I was busy.  First, J17 picked me up from work and we went to the fabric store to pick up a better coordinating border fabric for her quilt that I've got in my stash and to run a couple of errands.  Then off to home where I needed to get started baking.  It's my week to provide bread for church this Sunday so I needed to get that made so I can drop it off Saturday morning.  Bread rising and dinner made, I had a few other chores to do so writing a blog post wasn't on the list.   But today, before anyone else gets up, I'm out here writing before I go into whirling dervish mode again today.
But what has this week seen for the IDC?
Plant something- hmm, no seeds but I did manage to transplant my tomatoes and a few herbs and peppers.
Harvest something- chives, walking onions, oregano, lambs quarters, spinach and eggs (45 this week).
Preserve something- Not a thing except eggs in pasta for the freezer.
Waste not- The usual, recycling, composting and scraps for the chickens.  I did use strips of cut up cottage cheese cartons for plant labels in my little transplants.
Want not- Made some pasta for the freezer to use up eggs.  I even had to break into my 25 lb package of flour! I'm not sure it counts that while J17 and I were at the fabric store I picked up a few remnants for the stash.  Our store occasionally has a deal where all the remnants are 50% off so that always makes it tempting.  I'm also going to count the work on the herb spiral here.  It is working to build a better structure for growing our own.
Eat the food- We had pasta from the freezer one night this week.  Already eating up all that hard work from last Sunday.  Used roasted squash from the freezer for making pasta.
Build Community Food systems- Stopped at the last of the winter markets last weekend.  I do really need to sell some eggs at work- we're getting overloaded.  Of course, we want to try to make mini-meringues this weekend to see if this is something feasible for J17's grad party.
Skill up- Not a thing new.

Seems like a lackluster week but we're in that odd part of the year when it's spring and the early stuff is in and growing but I can't really do much with the main season stuff.  That and I've been preoccupied with other things. Still working on that elusive balance thing- I actually think I've been doing pretty well with that this week and even though they don't fit into these categories very well, I feel good about my week.


  1. I think your fabric collecting counts! I collect fiber and fabric for " the future". It's not like clothes are going to magically appear on their own from China in collapse;)

    1. LOL! I keep telling myself that- but I really think it's just an excuse for my fabric habit!! Stash building tends to be almost obsessional for quilters.

  2. I am trying to find a way to make something with my stash, SOON! I feel like I didn't get anything done with my "fabric collection" this winter :)

  3. I must remember to make pasta! Somehow I just keep forgetting about how wonderful it is to make our own from scratch! Thanks for reminding me (again)!

    Here's my IDC post:

    Hope you have a great week!


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