Friday, October 19, 2012

Another rainy IDC

Ah... a day off... and I don't feel like I accomplished anything.   And you know what... it feels great!
Well, I can't say that I accomplished nothing.  I did a few dishes and a load of laundry, V and I ran errands where we picked up paint for the library, more snaps for additional chicken saddles and.. get this, new upholstery fabric for the dining room chairs.  I love my chairs but the fake leather seats are showing their age.  Fortunately, JoAnn's was having all their home decor fabrics 50% off and we found a fabric that we could agree on.  One more thing to add onto my to do list...  Hurrah... I think....

But it is a chilly, rainy Friday and that means it's time for an Independence Days update.  Even though I have been busy at work I still managed to get quite a few things done here at home.  Not as much as I would have liked but that seems to be the way it goes.

Plant something-  A second round of radishes, lettuce and spinach went into the greenhouse and some of my cool Nero de Toscano cabbage.  I'm excited to see how long I can keep things going in the greenhouse.  The NOAA forecast has us warmer than average for the next month.  After that we'll see how much of an El Nino develops in the Pacific.
Harvest something- Eggs, kale, radishes, lettuce, a tiny bit of spinach and more broccoli.  It seems like most of the ladies are molting so egg production is way down.  Of course, that happens right when I've got people asking for eggs.  Oh, and I also harvested a few baby cabbages that formed after I cut one of my Copenhagen Markets.  I've got three of them- only about the size of baseballs- but they are nice little heads.
Preserve something- Made some cream of broccoli soup and froze it in individual portions for lunches.  That's about it.  I'm still working my way through the tomatoes on the counter and the few peppers in the fridge.
Waste not- the usual recycling, repurposing and composting.  Making soup out of odds and ends of veggies to keep them from going to waste.  It makes for great lunches at work
Want not- Ok... while definitely NOT a necessity we purchased a bottle or Templeton Rye, a locally produced, much sought after whisky.  It has been so popular that it has been virtually unavailable for the past year or more so we were excited to evidently time it just right at the store when they got in a shipment.  It is definitely something to sip and will be rationed well.
Eat the food-  This morning V and I had fabulous omelets entirely produced here.  Eggs from the chickens, peppers, onions and tomatoes for the filling.  Heavenly! Oops... I guess I did put in some cheese so it wasn't entirely produced here.  Darn.  Need to find that local milk and make some cheese.  We also had a lovely pasta meal last night with fresh tomato sauce and salads from the greenhouse.
Build Community- A dozen eggs to Jim and I've got requests for 3 dozen in the coming week.  I just hope the ladies can provide. Roger and Sharon are coming over tomorrow for a few eggs and I've got requests for 2 dozen at work.
Skill up-  Not a thing except making my first chicken saddles.
So, the week wasn't a total wash.  And I took it easy today.  I even took a nap this afternoon since it was cold and rainy.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to start improving so I'll be back to busy for the next three days.

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