Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Heading out

I'll be heading out of town tomorrow afternoon to Des Moines for the Iowa Occupational Therapy Association annual conference.  I've got a dinner meeting tomorrow evening with the speaker to go over her plans for the Friday conference.  I managed to find an inexpensive hotel room (and they have a pool and hot tub!!) that is between my dinner location and the conference site.  Hopefully less than 15 minutes to either.  I'm out of work tomorrow at 1:30 so I can get home to get the car, drive the two hours there, find my hotel, check in and get to the restaurant where we're meeting by 6:00 pm.  It's gonna be a full day since I've got back to back patient care in the morning, a lunchtime work meeting then only half an hour to finish all my documentation before heading out.  Whoosh.   It will be a wild time.
I've been doing well on my workout schedule for getting zombie fit for next summer.  I've started hitting the elliptical hard the past few days so I'm kind of glad I'll get the day off the workout tomorrow night.  But I plan to keep up with basic strength and endurance training while I try to find some good running routes.  I've also tracked down a few 5k runs coming up this spring and early summer so I can practice running a straight race for time without zombies or obstacles.
We've been having some lovely salads out of the greenhouse this week.  But very few eggs.  I've been getting only 1 or 2 eggs a day and most of the hens look exceptionally scruffy.
But the weather has been unusual!  We hit 80+ today!  In late October.  And we've been having rain this week.  Much, much needed!
Now, I've gotta go pack and get myself organized for the next two days.


  1. Safe trip!
    I gotta remember to post that zombie race for my sister! She "loves" zombies and is always complaining about needing to get into shape.

  2. Drive Safe! Sounds like you are in for a wild day!! Lot of driving time. My daughter ran her first 5K last weekend - she practiced for many months and was able to keep up the jog for the entire time which surprised her. She has signed up for another one!! Good luck on your training. I love the eliptical! Do the chickens molt and get their winter feathers?? I have no Have a good day! ...debbie

  3. That's quite a schedule! Make sure you get some good use out of that hot tub! For medicinal use, of course. My chickens are all molting, too and are in pretty ratty shape. I am excited to get 2 eggs! Have a good trip, good conference, and tell us all about it when you get back.

    1. p.s. You are on my pay-it-forward list, but I don't have your mailing address. Pls stop by my blog and send me an email if you still want to be included.


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