Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Girl

I've been keeping in touch with Justine through the horrific hurricane.  She fared quite well.  They never lost power, even though the eye of the storm passed right over them.  The worst they had was loss of internet service for a while.  But imagine the horror of an entire dorm of girls without internet service!  Oh, the humanity!!

I've been heartened to hear that people I know fared pretty well.  My sister outside DC lost power overnight but it is already restored.  Our friends in Annapolis had water coming into the house and will have to replace carpet and some drywall in their basement but are otherwise fine.  Others are windblown but well.
My heart goes out to all those who didn't fare as well as those near and dear to me.  The pictures of the devastation are heartbreaking.

But maybe now people will start taking climate change seriously.

Oh, wait...  probably not.  Oops- my cynicism is showing.


  1. I hear you on the cynicism part. Glad to hear that your loved ones made it through safely!

  2. So glad to hear Justine is well and safe. I'm sure your family was quite worried and eager to hear from her and about her surroundings...debbie

  3. I hope people evacuate next time and listen to the forecasts! Yes, the climate change denyers will someday wake up :) I hope...

  4. Glad to hear everyone you know is ok. I live in NYC but I was lucky enough to not have much damage or lose power. I can't say the same thing about my friends sadly. The city is a real mess now, really sad and depressing.

  5. So glad to hear she's okay--My in-laws also had the eye go over them! Fortunately they are inland so just had wind and rain, no flooding.

  6. VERY happy to hear that Justine made it through with flying colors. I have friends in NYC who are going to have a long, hard time of it, and my heart goes out to them. I imagine, by the 10th monster storm, a few more sceptics may jump on board. Maybe.

  7. Glad to hear Justine is doing ok along with your friends.Your right ,really hard to think what a hard time some folks will have.

  8. Glad to hear everyone's OK!

    Ignorance is a hard habit to break...we'll see what the next few years brings in the way of changed perspectives...

  9. Here in Central Jersey we were without electricity for 73 hours and telephone for about 2 days - both are now back in our neighborhood. Our block has some trees down and fence damage. Everyone shared the four portable generators to keep sump-pumps and fridges/freezers going.

    The biggest problem is getting gas for the generators and the cars. Most of the gas stations have gas, but no electric to run the pumps. The lines are long - both cars and people carrying gas cans.

    As of noon today we are on an odd/even gas system - same as 1973. All of our cars have even numbers, but we don't have to go anywhere today.

    I haven't been a particualr fan of Governor Christie, but give him credit for his response and the co-operation with President Obama and the Federal government.

    1. Oh my! Sorry you had to deal with such a mess. But it is heartening to hear of neighborhoods coming together.
      Glad you are on the way to recovery. Sending good wishes for a quick turn around.


  10. So glad Justine was safe and sound!


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