Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Late, but at least not never

Sunday we had family game night.  We played a new game: Kill Doctor Lucky.  It's kind of like Clue in reverse.  You have to get a weapon, get in a room alone with the good Doctor and bump him off.  The catch, the other players will try to stop you.
We had a grand time,

and the guys all donned their game hats.
V's brother said this photo reminded him of the Dogs Playing Poker paintings.  Possibly.  But I think it's a great thing when the boys ask if we're going to have game night again soon.


  1. You always seem to have to coolest games and family nights!

    1. You, too, can have awesome family nights! Just set a night and make it a priority. It is totally worth it!

    2. And you guys do all those wonderful biking and hiking trips. I wish I could get my boys interested in hiking.


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