Monday, April 1, 2013

RIP Marilyn

After a great day Saturday when Marilyn was eating well, active and running to be fed when she heard the door open, Sunday morning she refused to eat.  She continued to not eat much, if anything, all day and by evening she was looking pretty weak.  So, I was not terribly surprised to find that she had died in the night.  We believe that there was more wrong with her than just her vision as she seemed to have some GI issues as well.

We gave it a good try and had her with us for just over a week but it was not to be.

But, the upside (I'm trying to put the positive spin on it) - chick care will now be MUCH less time consuming and maybe I'll be able to get things accomplished again.  It seems like the last week she has been taking lots of my time.


  1. The thing to remember is that you gave her every possible chance to make it, but as you say it wasn't meant to be. Isn't it amazing the time we give (willingly) to try to save an animal? And it's usually time that we really don't have as "extra" but we find a way and the energy to do it anyway.

  2. Ah. That is sad but you gave her every chance and if there is another one like that, next time you will know what to do. (Trying to be positive, here, as well)

    Hope you have had a good Easter, apart from losing Marilyn.

  3. You did more than most in trying to keep her going. Bless your heart. I think they also just know when it's not worth it. Now you can concentrate on the rest (and get some rest in the meantime...)

  4. awww, I just commented on your last post hoping she would be on the mend. Sorry about Marilyn :(


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