Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring = busy

Whew!  I'm tired.  It was a gorgeous day today.  Mostly sunny and mid to upper 60's- so I spent a lot of time doing outdoorsy things today.
I15 and I made a run to the garden center this morning.  They were having a special promotion that 5% of your purchase would go to the City High Band.  I was forced, forced I tell you to go spend money at the garden center. Actually, I didn't get all that much,  I picked up a mixed flat of annuals, a couple of wave petunias and 8 bags of mulch.  On the way home we stopped to get gas for the tiller and the mower.
I got as much of the garden tilled as I'm going to.  I've decided to not till the South end of the garden as it still has a lovely layer of straw mulch from last year that I'll plant among and add to.  I'm hoping to shift to no-till so we'll see how this goes.
V got the riding mower unearthed from where it had been buried in construction debris last year since it was so dry that we didn't have to mow at all. He mowed most of the lawn and then I did the trim mowing with the push mower.  The excitement of the afternoon was the unseen/unknown mouse nest in the push mower motor catching fire.  Of course, there would have to be a fire just after I had filled the gas tank!  Fortunately, I was able to find a stick and poke most of the nest material out before it caused any damage.  V then disassembled the mower casing and we removed the rest of the mess.  *&^# mice!
Tomorrow is another busy day.  K13 and I are slated to clean out the bedding in the chicken coop.  Oh, the fun we have.  V and I15 will work on 'gravel reclamation' to rake the gravel out of the lawn and back into the driveway.  It has a tendency to migrate with snow removal in the winter.  I'm also hoping to get my broccoli, cauliflower and other early brassicas planted out into the garden.
I've got Monday off as a vacation day.  I realized that I'm maxed on my vacation time at work again and would lose time if I didn't take a day before the end of the month.  At least Mondays are fairly easy days for someone else to cover for me.  The weather is forecast for thunderstorms so I'm hoping to have a sewing day but we'll see what happens.
I'm going to be focusing on the flower gardens this spring as well as the main veggie garden.  We're hosting a Victorian/Steampunk Garden Party in late June so I want the outside spaces to look fabulous. Yes, we will play croquet and have tea and cucumber sandwiches.  It will be amazing.


  1. I cleaned out the chicken coop yesterday. Smelly job, but a good feeling to finish. Today I hung all the laundry outside for the first time this year. Yay! The garden is still mud...lucky you. :)

    1. I still need to get my clothes line rehung since we take it down in the winter. I'm surprised I could get into the garden considering that we got 6+ inches of rain recently. But it has been sunny and breezy which helped dry things out.

  2. Judy~~ sounds like a great day. Unfortunately, it's STILL raining here. So nothing is getting done this weekend again. We did get the potatoes in last week, but that's it. The chives are up and the onions and garlic we planted last fall. It was supposed to be nice tomorrow, but when I looked at the forecast again, they changed it to rain tomorrow too. least it's warming up, and I'm cleaning my chicken coop tomorrow,

    1. I do hope it stops raining for you soon so you can get into the garden. We're forecast for rain for the next couple of days but the weather guy says it will be spotty. My chives are also looking good and my garlic is also up.

      It looks like it's a chicken coop kind of weekend.


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