Sunday, April 28, 2013

Photos from the day

A few photos of the morning to brighten your day.
 The Red Emperor Tulips are putting on quite the display.
 A lonely daffodil.  They don't seem to be multiplying very fast.
 A flat of beauty yet-to-come
 Syrphid Fly larvae!  I've been struggling with aphids on the spinach in the greenhouse and, since the weather has warmed up and it's HOT in there, the spinach has started to bolt.  I was going to pull it when I discovered dozens and dozens of syrphid larvae (Hover Flies) devouring the aphids.  Woo Hoo for beneficial insects!!  I've decided to leave it go for a while to give them time to develop.
 River is hopeful for a snack
The ladies line up, hoping I'll toss them some tasty treats.  They love their clover!

And now, the chicken coop awaits.  Off to more fun!

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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous! And yes...hooray for beneficial insects! Hope you had a marvelous weekend!


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