Monday, October 24, 2011

Domestic Tranquility

It was a lovely day to be at home.  Except for some early morning fog, the weather was beautiful.
As much as I usually pack into my days, today seemed rather laid back. Oh, I was busy but I spent most of the day doing domestic things.  Laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning and a little outside stuff.
I was doing J17's laundry for her.  She usually does her own but has been so busy recently that she hasn't had time.  So, this morning, after they all left for school, I ventured into her room to retrieve her hamper.  It was a great day for line drying but I still didn't get all of her laundry done.  But, at least she has some clean stuff to wear.  I even got a great big hug from her this afternoon... awwww.....
My stash of green tomatoes is quickly ripening and I made a big batch of sauce that I'll freeze.  It will be so sad when the last one ripens.  No fresh tomatoes for 9 months!  sigh...
V was busy writing most of the day but after lunch we set out on some errands.  Chicken feed was purchased as well as some re-bar and six 80 lb bags of concrete mix for the deck pier.  V was really hoping to get to mixing and pouring that today but he has a deadline coming up for one of his jobs.  Maybe tomorrow- it is still supposed to be warm tomorrow before the bottom falls out of the temps in the next few days.
Not really much to say.  I was busy but not hectic today.  It was awesome.  I even took a little time to read while waiting for laundry and sauce to finish.  Amazing.


  1. You read? In the middle of the day? Wow. That was a big accomplishment! Good for you, and I'm a little envious.

  2. So glad you enjoyed the day & had a bit of relaxation time on your day off.

  3. Sounds like the perfect day to me....glad you enjoyed it!

  4. You are a good mamma to do your daughters laundry. I think that was sweet:)

  5. Mama Pea- LOL! It was a great accomplishment to sit down and read. And I may do it again!
    Barb- I'm starting to like this relaxation thing.
    Akannie- it was a nearly perfect day.
    Linda- LOL! I want her to have clean clothes. She was starting to get down to the point where she was looking pretty ragged.


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