Saturday, October 15, 2011

A few photos of the day

Inside and outside, it was a lovely day.
J17 and I sorted through patterns and fabric.
I guess it was too much for her!
 Below, Magnus struts his stuff.
I pulled a bunch of nettles for the chickens and also discovered a lost pattypan squash in the garden.  They were clucking around- doing what chickens do.
The lovely hens featured- mostly showing their tales- from left to right: Abbie, River, Zeva and Gretchen.  Helen is in the background
We are still waiting to put the roof panels on the run.    It has just been too windy to put those panels up safely since we got the supports up.  It was also much too windy to have a bonfire.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
Ticket spent most of the day outside...
 Now he's tired from catching voles.  Or sad because I took his little pile of dead voles away from him... not sure.
And I can't believe how many leaves have fallen!
It looks like Fall is truly here!


  1. How do you get your dog to catch voles? Mine only catch balls and snacks. You have a wonderful dog there. Cute as a button too:)

  2. Your hens are lovely!

    Blustery but lovely sunny day over here too, definitely feels like fall. Perfect for getting some chores done outside, at least!

  3. Jane- You would think that for his size (he's 125 lbs on a light day!) he wouldn't move fast enough to catch voles but he is quite good at it. He searches through the grass by the barn or wood pile and then pounces, emerging with a vole in his mouth. The most disturbing was when he brought it into the house and spat it out on the carpet by the door. Ewww..
    s- aren't they lovely!!

  4. oh, how I will miss the leaves!! our dog is a fine little moler, but she digs up the whole yard while she's at it. gotta love her anyway!

  5. The leaves are falling suddenly here too and I can't keep my porch swept, thus I can't keep my living room floor clean either. Oh well. It's beautiful enough to make up for it. lol

    My chickens are looking terrible, moulting and not laying and I've told the Irishman we need to get the heat lamp back up soon. I actually had to buy eggs this week !!

    Always good to read about your life, Judy...we've had those winds too and they are precluding lots of work that needs doing.


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