Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

 I hope you all have a safe evening.
And for those who are celebrating Samhain- have a blessed evening.


  1. Happy Halloween! P.S. I totally listened to a certain person talking about ghosts on the radio yesterday! Very cool! If he ever does a Haunted Iowa book I have some first hand stories, as in my own experiences 100%, from my time up at UNI.

  2. We had a fun Halloween!! Your post was very SPOOKY and cute!! ...debbie

  3. And hope yours was safe and fun as well!!

  4. Molly- Glad you got to hear him! I'm not sure he's up for another ghost story book- he's a bit tired of ghosts at the moment- but give him a bit!
    Debbie- glad you had a great Halloween.
    Akannie- we had a lovely time. Hope you had a good evening as well.


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