Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mmm... Brains....

And other Saturday trivia!
J17's Dungeons and Dragons party went off well this afternoon.  The brains were quite tasty!  But, boy, it was loud here!!  Seven teenagers having fun is quite noisy.  But a grand time was had by all.  They only had a few hours this afternoon since J17 is off this evening being a roving violinist at an Italian Dinner fundraiser.  Most of the time they were all together this afternoon was spent creating characters and for most of the group this is their first time with an RPG.
We had lots of snacks- including some junk that I don't normally buy.  And one boy brought a giant bag of pizza rolls that I cooked in the oven for them all.  I made the mistake of eating a few of those and some candy corn and now I feel a bit sick.  It's amazing how quickly you get 'un-used' to eating processed food and junk.  But I was heartened that the first thing the kids finished was the bowl of grapes.  And they are all getting together again in two weeks to continue the game.  They don't have school on Nov 11 so they're planning an all day game-fest.  I'm kind of glad I've got to work that day!!
I spent part of the afternoon (while the party was going on) in the kitchen.  I'm still there off and on.  I'm having a quiche making marathon.  I had over 4 dozen eggs in the fridge so I decided to make some quiche- 6 of them!  Two each of the following:  Southwestern (sweet corn, chili peppers, onions and bacon), Broccoli/ cheese and sausage/ mushroom.  Two we will work on for dinner tonight (and leftovers!) and the other 4 will be frozen for future use.  More quick meals for the freezer.  Yeah!!
Tomorrow, I14 will be confirmed.  One more entertainment event to get through.  Whew.  But I've got everything ready but dessert.  One more thing for the oven today and then I'm done.
Gotta run and check the oven.  Hope you are all having a productive weekend.


  1. What a busy house! It's amazing you got as much done as you did with all the activity going on around you. The quiches for the freezer sound wonderful.

  2. Love the brains jello - that's hilarious! How creative!

  3. wow, all those quiches in the freezer...and the next event's food almost all cooked. how wonderful!! btw, those brains are totally creeping me out. ;)


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