Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not much Tuesday

Not much going on today.  I was back at work and V continued to work on the chicken run.  It's about ready for the roofing panels to go on.  Working alone he didn't get as much done as we could have together.   Oh well, the price of being a working woman.  But the chickens are enjoying the bigger run even without a roof.
Dinner plans went off without a hitch.  I love preparing things ahead! Dinner was prepped and on the table in half an hour.  It went like this:  Frozen french fries into the oven (yeah, I know... frozen french fries... at least they don't have lots of garbage in them) then I worked to shred a small red cabbage from the garden and make coleslaw.  That made and in the fridge I heated up the shredded pork and added in the BBQ sauce.  The sauce we love is a locally made one that is sweet and spicy and oh, so tasty.   I've got an equal amount of pre-shredded pork in the freezer for another meal later.
But I've got a confession to make- I didn't get around to making tomato sauce yet.  I didn't have quite as many ripe tomatoes as I had hoped.  But I'll still have time to do it tomorrow night after dinner when I've got more tomatoes.  So no great tragedy.
Still, not much going on... and that's OK by me.  Sometimes boring is just fine.  This is actually a slow week and it's welcome.  I'll have to take advantage of it while I can- next week looks crazy!


  1. Dinner sounds good to me. Just go ahead and set another place. I'll be right there! Leaving now! ...debbie

  2. You cooked my favorite dinner. Pulled pork is the best but coleslaw is my absolute favorite!
    Your recent posts have made me very hungry:)

  3. Finally raining here. A soft rain, as the Irish call it.

    Dinner sounds yummy, and so does the slowing down part...


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