Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh, No

Say it ain't so.  Mattel is purchasing the parent company for Thomas the Tank Engine.  How sad. I do hope they keep those lovely wooden railroad toys going.  How sad it would be to see those wooden toys go to be replaced by only plastic Barbiefied or Hot wheeled garbage.  sigh.  I know that the plastic Thomas toys are already there but the wooden ones were so great for little hands when the boys were young.


  1. I hadn't heard that. Like you, I hope they keep the wooden trains. We bought a truck load for our granddaughter, she loved Thomas and friends and has all the wooden trains and tons of track. Might be a collectors item one day...debbie

  2. I guess nothing is sacred. I do hope, too, that they keep the wooden toys - they are so much better than plastic.

  3. We LOVE the wooden train sets. I hope they realize what a great product they have and not mess it up.

  4. Debbie- we've got a huge box of the wooden railway toys. all well loved. We all still love Thomas.
    Susan- The wooden ones are so much nicer than the plastic.
    Jennie- thanks for stopping in. I hope they keep it just as it is as well. They now own the rights to Angelina Ballerina as well.


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