Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The week is half over!
Several events down, several still to go!
I never should have told him to look like he was enjoying himself AFTER the 90 minute concert!
V and I went this evening to watch I14 and the rest of the band perform at the Bates Field Follies- their end of marching season performance/party.  I'll tell you, they have WAAAY sharper marching uniforms than I ever had when I was in band!!  And this is even without the hat with the sparkly plume!


  1. Glad things are slowing down. Very cool uniform:)

  2. Sometimes I think hubby and I now live a dull and boring life. But I love it. Guess there are certain phases we go through (especially when raising our families) and they are wonderful in their own time and place, but, gosh, I get worn out thinking of all the balls you juggle right now!

    Two thumbs up for the band uniforms. Classy!

  3. I have to agree - band uniforms have come a long way. And your son is so handsome! You sure do have your hands full - good thing you are organized!

  4. Linda- I'm not sure I'd say they're slowing down- just some are done LOL!!
    Mama Pea- I try not to complain about all the running around because I'm sure I'll miss it when it's done.
    Susan- Gotta love a guy in uniform!!

  5. Looking REAL sharp there!! I do like the uniform, really nice. I think they play better when they look so professional!!! lol ...debbie


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